What is dualism

What is dualism

Light – darkness, black – white, sweet – bitter. In the nature everything seeks to find couple. Where there is minus, there will be also plus where the eagle will always be tails, and Tezu will be surely disproved by an antithesis. In the nature it is so got, always only parno – not one.

People noticed long ago that dawn that again darkness set in comes for darkness. Gradually the structure of a human brain became complicated, there were first big civilizations, and together with them and young philosophical representations. And the nature of duality remained the same that became the reason of many scientific treatises.

Polysemy of duality

The dualism (Latin of Dualis – dual) differs in the fact that has many values in various aspects of human life. For complete idea what the concept is it is worth making a small trip to versatility of human life.

From the religious point of view the dualism is defined as opposition of kind and angry god. It is enough to remember in Christian tradition Jehovah and Lucifer, in Zoroastrianism – Akhura Mazda and Akhriman to understand this opposition of two concepts good and bad. In east mysticism the duality of the world is presented by the concept of the polar things which are the cornerstone of everyone and everything. So Taoist idea of harmony of the Universe consisted in the world famous sign – Yin yang. The black field near white and in each of them on a contrast particle. The unity and fight of two elements concluded in a circle – in itself is symbolical how integrity and unity. In philosophy behind dualism the recognition of equal existence of the material and ideal worlds lies. So in one of the directions, a nonce word, interaction of soul and a body by means of divine intervention admitted that it gave dual rise to everything. And in terms of a kartezianstvo the world is divided into two main substances – extended and conceiving. For this direction the rationalism and scepticism is more peculiar. The question of dualism and in strict science of physics is not bypassed. Here it is understood as the dual nature of a particle. The striking example of it is light. The so-called corpuscular and wave dualism is based that the photon can be both a particle, and a wave that is very interesting from the scientific point of view.

It is too much duality

For thousands of years of development of people understood in the field of dualism only that it exists. Nobody can explain it with a guarantee yet. There is only a theory that the duality is necessary state of nature in which balance of all structure is provided. Perhaps, it so, and perhaps is also not present. Nobody knows for certain.

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