What is dynamics of population in modern ecology

What is dynamics of population in modern ecology

Dynamics of population are changes of its characteristics eventually. As a rule, the number of individuals, biomass and age structure change. Dynamics of population - the significant ecological phenomenon. In dynamics the life of each population is developed.

Living organisms with the course of evolution undergo various changes. At the expense of it populations of these organisms adapt to the changing environmental conditions. Such demographic characteristics of population as birth rate, mortality, structure of individuals on age are very important, but on one of them separately it is impossible to judge dynamics of population in general.

Growth of population

Growth of number of individuals - important dynamic process. Occurs at development of new areas of dwelling, after safely postponed accident.

The nature of growth can be various. In populations with normal age structure the nature of growth usually fast, prompt, explosive. And here the number of populations with complex age structure grows slowly and smoothly. With a growth of number of individuals density of population increases until, deterrents of the external environment will not begin to work yet (for example, limitation of resources). As a result the balance kept subsequently long time is reached. Fluctuations chislennostiv that phase when population keeps balance, its number fluctuates around some constant. Often these fluctuations are caused by seasonal changes of living conditions. It is admissible to consider such fluctuations as fluctuations. Cyclic kolebaniyakolebaniye of number of some populations have cyclic character. The cycles consisting of three-four years are characteristic of sheaves "predator victim". Throughout such cycle in its different intervals the number predators, their victims prevails. One more striking example of cyclic fluctuations - periodic flashes of number at insects. For example, the locust living mainly in deserts does not make migrations for many years. However from time to time in population of a locust there is an explosion of number. And then at these insects long wings develop, and the locust begins to fly to areas of agriculture, devouring everything on the way. Apparently, the causes of such explosions are caused by instability of factors of the environment.

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