What is meduzonoid

What is meduzonoid

The American scientists, working on the project of creation of artificial heart, received a unique cyborg – a meduzoid. This design was made by compound of artificial silicone and living cells of heart of a rat.

The group of engineers of Harvard University under the leadership of professor Dabiri began development of the project, having studied the physical principles forming the basis of a motive system of jellyfishes. As researchers explain, these sea inhabitants move forward, densely squeezing the case of a body and pushing out water aside, opposite to their movement. This process copies work of heart of the person and other mammals at a blood prokachivaniye on vessels of a blood system.

Biotechnologists used these observations for creation of an artificial analog of a jellyfish which received the name Medusoid that in translation means "Similar to a jellyfish". As material for a body of a cyborg the scientists used a special porous kind of silicone of which the eight-pointed case of a meduzoid was manufactured. In this jellylike body the researchers placed the small strips of proteinaceous weight which are precisely reproducing the structure of muscles of a live jellyfish. Over protein the scientists increased the muscular cages received from heart of a rat.

Then the robo-jellyfish was placed in the container with salty water into which inserted two electrodes. Meduzoid began to move quickly when giving electric impulses in an aquarium. Having done an experiment several times, researchers found out that muscles of a cyborg begin to be reduced even to inclusion of a source of electric current. Besides, the artificial jellyfish is capable to swim also quickly, as well as her sea relatives of the similar sizes. According to research group, a main objective of this project is clarification of regularities of work of a muscular system of human heart. After a successful completion of work on a robo-jellyfish the scientists plan creation of a meduzonoid with the implanted muscle cells of human heart. It will allow to check efficiency of impact of medicines on warm function of an organism.

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