What is muscle memory

What is muscle memory

The phenomenon of muscle memory is known long ago. It was recognized by a scientific world. Thanks to muscle memory it is possible to return quickly to a system after serious injuries, to keep a tone and attractiveness about advanced years.

Most often about muscle memory bodybuilders use. They noticed the interesting fact: if after several years of trainings to cease to be engaged for several months, then return to good indicators will be much quicker, than for the ordinary person who only started classes. That is, restoration happens quickly both in appearance, and in a set of muscular weight. What can it be explained with how not muscle memory?

The muscle memory is recognized as science

In scientific community it is already proved that human muscles have memory. They remember the volume and force. Sports physicians were interested long ago why those athletes who trained already earlier pump up muscles much quicker, than those who only came to gym. Even if the athlete was not engaged several years, he will much quicker build up muscle bulk, than the beginner.

It appears, the muscle memory is written down in DNA of kernels of cells of muscles. Thanks to this opening the statement that the muscle cell is capable to die off if does not experience constant loads was disproved. Appear, muscle cells do not die and can restore the early volume and force.

Examples from life

By the way, if the athlete was engaged on exercise machines long time, then at advanced age will be able to return to trainings not to allow to atrophy to muscles. They will receive the command for growth, then the person will look beautifully and to feel to young people. It is enough to look at Hollywood Silvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger's stars. In nearly 70 years they are well taken a detached view and are capable to maintain serious physical activities. At the same time Schwarzenegger looked as the decrepit old man two years ago, having undergone an operation. However managed to recover the body for half a year, again striking the viewer with the muscles.

Muscle memory – guarantee of fast return to trainings after injuries

The muscle memory helps many athletes to be restored quickly to a system after injuries. For example, football players after changes or ruptures of sheaves do not train for two-three months. However after it literally in a month return the standards. All this thanks to existence of such phenomenon, as muscle memory. And loadings at them enormous, demanding to work an organism to the limit. In life there are a lot of cases which prove that muscle tissue has a memory. If to ask to be run three kilometers of the former athlete who was not engaged ten years he will run a distance much quicker, than many young runners. Of course, he needs to give time for preparation that the organism could return to the normal state. In a month the former athlete will be in good physical shape.

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