What is studied by biology

As the science biology studies origin and also the building and activity of the living organisms inhabiting the planet Earth. Moreover, the biology considers a question of their relationship as among themselves, and with the environment.


1. The biology is the science studying wildlife. Besides, it includes the regularities operating this nature. Here it is possible to refer studying structures and origin and also studying growth and functioning of living organisms. You should not forget also about their evolution. The basis of fundamentals of all biology is formed by such fundamental principles as the cellular theory, genetics, a homeostasis, energy and evolution. This science allows to accumulate to people knowledge of the phenomena occurring in the living world and also to store them on any given carriers, using in process of the need. As the science biology is divided into three big sections.

2. Anthropology. This section of biology studies the person. The anthropology considers human origin and development. Moreover, it describes its existence in natural and cultural environments. In turn, the anthropology has several subsections. For example, the philosophical anthropology considers the person as a special sort of life, and religious – studies the person in line with theology. There is also a so-called physical anthropology including judicial anthropology and paleontology. Social and cultural anthropology are the sciences close to ethnology, and consider human society during any given eras and times.

3. Botany. This section of biological science studies directly plants: their development, reproduction and activity. The botany, in turn, is subdivided into several subsections. One of them – systematization. Systematization of plants divides them into different groups, installing a certain system of their names and sorting out between them the available related relations. One more subsection of botany – plant ecology. It studies their relationship with the habitat. In turn, the subsection under the name "geography of plants" considers their distribution on all Earth.

4. Zoology. Apparently from the name, this biological section studies representatives of fauna, i.e. animals. In zoology, as well as in anthropology, and in botany there are subsections. Systematization of animals is engaged in distribution of all living beings living on Earth on the standard certain systematic units: on types, on classes, on families, on childbirth, by types, on subspecies. The morphology of animals studies their internal and external building, and embryology – development of their germs. The subsection the physiology studies essence of animals, their normal and pathological life, and the zoogeography studies distribution of living beings worldwide.

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