What is studied by bionics

What is studied by bionics

The bionics is rather young science which will allow to think out and create various design and architectural concepts, taking natural forms as a basis. In a word, the bionics does not create the new world, and using ingenious creations of the nature, changes them, embodying them in human works.

History and development of bionics

It is impossible to tell when the science of the bionicist was born, the mankind always derived inspiration from the nature, it is known, for example, that about 3 more thousand years ago silk creation copying attempts as it is done by insects were made. Of course, it is impossible to call such attempts developments in any way, only after modern technologies appeared, quite real opportunity to carry out copying of the natural ideas, to reproduce artificially in several hours all that is born under natural conditions years was presented to the person. For example, scientists are able to grow up synthetic stones which on beauty and purity do not concede natural, in particular zirconium as an analog diamonds.

The most known evident embodiment of bionics – the Eiffel Tower in Paris. This construction was based on studying a femur which as it became clear, consisted of small stones. They help to distribute ideally weight therefore the femoral head can maintain big loading. The same principle was used during creation of the Eiffel Tower.

Perhaps, the most famous "preacher" of bionics who made a huge contribution to its development - Leonardo da Vinci. For example, he watched flight of a dragonfly, and then tried to transfer her movements during creation of the aircraft.

The importance of bionics for other scientific spheres

The bionics as science is accepted not by all, including it knowledge which is given rise on a joint of several disciplines, at the same time the concept of the bionics is wide, it covers several scientific directions. In particular, it is genetic engineering, design, medical and biological electronics. It would be possible to speak about its exclusively applied character, but the modern software gives the chance to model and turn various natural decisions into reality, and therefore study and comparison of the natural phenomena to human opportunities is more and more relevant. During creation of modern robotechnicians the engineers more often ask for the help scientists-bionicists. Robots will allow to facilitate considerably further human life, and for this purpose they have to be able to move, think, predict, analyze correctly and so forth. So, scientists with Stanford the university created the robot, based on observations of cockroaches, their invention not only is quick and organic, but also is very functional. In the near future this robot can become the irreplaceable assistant for those who cannot independently move. By means of bionics it will be possible further future to create enormous technological developments. Now the person will need for creation of an analog of the natural phenomena only several years while the nature will spend for it the millennia.

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