What is the router and why it is necessary?

What is the router and why it is necessary?

History of routers goes "hand in hand" with the history of the Internet. From several local networks with the corresponding number of routers as still call routers, it is possible to create a prototype of a world web and to use all benefits which it provides. What is the router and why it is necessary, it will be told in this article.

For what the router is necessary?

This device allows to create home or office local network and to get access to a world web to all connected computers. It transfers information between the computer mechanisms connected to it, and still performs security function.

Carry to the tasks which are carried out by it and:

  • combination of several personal computers in one network, that is creation of a computer class;
  • distribution of the Internet at once on several devices;
  • installation of connection and connection of computers to the Internet;
  • protection of the group created at work or at home against various external threats;
  • distribution of the IP addresses;
  • control and enciphering of traffic;
  • adjustment of access to network of users and the visited sites.

Routers can be both wire, and wireless and for what they are necessary, it is clear now. Besides, there are such types of routers as:

  1. That who is interested for what the wi-fi router is necessary will estimate pluses of its existence in the bus or the share taxi where through the available computer device will be able easily to connect to the web.
  2. House – most simplified and easy in use.
  3. Professional, used in the large companies for combination of several networks in one group or with other group of networks.
  4. Industrial, working with increased loads.
  5. Intended for optical fiber and providing the high-speed Internet.
  6. Broadband, connecting several computers to the high-speed Internet.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team