What is Universe hot dogs

What is Universe hot dogs

Recently the scientists checking data from the WISE space telescope found rare objects. It were hot galaxies which because of the features at once received the name "hot dogs".

The new objects invisible earlier in optical telescopes, scientists could find thanks to the space WISE satellite working in the infrared range. These galaxies are hidden under dense clouds of dust which is warmed up by the radiation of akrektsionny disks of supermassive black holes and stars from within. Such heated dust was also noticed in the infrared range of the telescope.

The oblong shape of galaxies and the "burning" look at once attached to them the name "Universe hot dogs". According to scientists, similar objects represent extremely unusual occurrence. One galaxy is the share approximately of 100 thousand visible sources of radiation. And, the majority of such space objects is from Earth at distance, exceeding 10 billion light years.

Today researchers find it difficult to explain emergence of hot dogs of the Universe. So far they assume that hot galaxies are a transitional link from spiral space objects to elliptic. In the nearest future new opening will become object of fixed studying astronomers. For observation of them and obtaining bigger information the NuStar telescope working in the x-ray range was already started. Thanks to it scientists will be able to make out better in these galaxies accretionary disks of black holes. Also for studying new objects the James Webb telescope will be started a bit later. The WISE space telescope began work in December, 2009 and successfully carried out the mission prior to the beginning of 2011 then the transmitter of the satellite was switched-off. In two years thanks to this device 563 million space objects interesting to science, and 1.8 million pictures of the sky were found. Its data also helped scientists to open new galaxies which, perhaps, will be able to slightly open some veils of mysteries of the Universe.

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