What is useful for a thyroid gland?

What is useful for a thyroid gland?

The thyroid gland is located on a front zone of a neck, it performs functions, very important for the person, on development hormone: tireokaltsionina, thyroxine and triyodtironin.

These hormones are vital for health and development, the lack of the first is fraught for a children's organism as he is responsible for growth of a skeleton and intellectual potential. Other two are more important for adults, they help to acquire proteins, vitamins, fats and useful elements from food, control exchange processes in an organism. For the normal state of gland it is necessary to use 5 grams of iodine a day, otherwise hormonal failures will begin, also diseases of a thyroid gland can provoke improper feeding, depressions and stresses. Such diseases as can become possible consequences: a hypothyroidism, a thyrotoxicosis, a zobofikaliya in order that it did not happen it is necessary to understand that it is useful for a thyroid gland and to adhere to recommendations.

What products useful to a thyroid gland?

  1. First of all it is iodine, its sources is: sea cabbage, all edible seaweed, seafood.
  2. The berries rich with valuable vitamins and antioxidants for prevention of diseases: bilberry, raspberry, gooseberry, dogrose.
  3. Vegetables useful to a thyroid gland: pumpkin, turnip, beet, celery, black radish, cabbage of all types. Also greens of spinach, salad, parsley, fennel and its other types.
  4. Source of selenium are: sprouts of barley, haricot, wheat, oats, sunflower seeds of pumpkin, a flax, sunflower and different nuts, except peanut.
  5. Irreplaceable in a diet there is also an omega-3 the acid which is contained in red fish and vegetable oils.
  6. Healthy food for a thyroid gland apple, garlic, onions will become fresher.

There are simple recipes in preparation, applying which it is possible to avoid the problems connected with a thyroid gland.

Recipe No. 1

Honey with nuts – to pound kernels from 3 nuts, to mix them with a tablespoon of honey and to eat on an empty stomach. The course of treatment makes 10-15 days.

Recipe No. 2

Lemons with honey – this way of prevention suits those at whom not problems with obesity, diabetes and allergic reactions to a citrus. It is necessary to take couple of lemons, it is good to wash them and to grind together with a dried peel, to a condition of porridge, then to mix with the same amount of honey. To accept the received medicine on a tablespoon, between three meals (3 times a day).


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