What is vayp and what is more harmful - vayp or a cigarette?

What is vayp and what is more harmful - vayp or a cigarette?

Modern smokers were really very lucky as now for them there is a wide choice of different types of smoking. One of the most popular it is considered to be a vayping. What is vayp-smoking, suggest to understand together with us.

Vayp - what is it?

Not all modern smokers know that it vayp and who such vayper. Vayp is an analog of an electronic cigarette, or an electronic hookah. Externally this device has an appearance of a small oblong box with the button and a mouthpiece. In a vayp there is a container with special liquid for smoking, a heating element and the battery. For operation of the device the battery is periodically charged. With this purpose use special USB port of the computer.

It is interesting that the very first vaypa appeared in the middle of the 20th century. Then one of the Chinese druggists patented a smokeless cigarette. In those days devices for a vayping was the big sizes and was not portable. After it began to make and finish in the USA. By 2012 it took the today's sizes and a form and became popular around the world.

What differs vayp from an electronic cigarette in?

The new type of smoking which is quite often wishing to try asks a question, than differs vayp from cigarettes. In fact vaypy call the same electronic cigarettes. With the advent of the new English name also devices began to be improved. Emergence in the market of powerful accumulators, allowing to increase operating time without recharge and amount of steam generated vaypy became the real revolution.

Whether it is harmful vayp?

Smokers know that the main harm from usual cigarettes consists in tobacco combustion process. However it is not in electronic cigarettes, and steam is emitted. Much know that it vayp and that it does not harm an organism. Are a part of smoking liquids:

  • nicotine;
  • propylene glycol;
  • glycerin;
  • water;
  • additives for aromatization.

If to speak about harm of a vayp, then it is necessary to tell about the nicotine which is a part and usual cigarettes. This narcotic substance possessing very strong neurotropny influence. Nicotine is dangerous to an organism because negatively affects a condition of a cardiovascular system. Besides, at the repeated use it is capable to provoke physiological and psychological dependence. Long intake of nicotine in an organism develops:

  • hyperglycemia;
  • arterial hypertension;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • tachycardia;
  • arrhythmia.

For many topical issue whether it is harmful vayp without nicotine. As different aromatic additives are its part, it means that in it there can be carcinogens and other hazardous substances. One more component of liquid – glycerin which is used in the food industry. This alcohol in high doses irritates airways that quite often leads to an allergy. Besides, the propylene glycol which is a part of smoking liquid in considerable concentration oppresses the central nervous system and worsens a condition of kidneys.

Vayp or cigarettes - what is more harmful?

Persons interested to try something brand new are interested vaypy, but at the same time want to learn what harm from a vayp and from cigarettes. On what it is better to stop the choice? It is impossible to call electronic cigarettes safe because of the content in them of nicotine, but harm from their use is lower, than from usual cigarettes. Such cigarettes give the chance themselves to replace use of usual.

Whether causes vayp dependence

Persons interested to try a novelty quite often are interested whether it is dangerous vayp without nicotine. In the moderate use it is possible to tell that this type of smoking is not really dangerous. It is quite often possible to hear disputes and around a subject whether causes vayp dependence. That it cannot cause accustoming often smokers speak. However in fact, vayp just as also usual smoking causes nicotine addiction because of content of nicotine in it. Besides, during smoking of a vayp the accustoming develops much quicker and is more expressed, than when smoking traditional cigarettes.

Whether helps vayp to leave off smoking

Many smokers dream to throw a dangerous addiction. Sometimes for this purpose use such device as vayp. Here apply the special liquid containing nicotine which concentration can be different to creation of effective steam. Vayp without nicotine all those smokers who want to overcome at last the dependence often use and to leave off smoking.

Types of vayp

Smokers call such types of vayp:

  1. Electronic cigarette – the most available and besides popular option. It is often equipped with the weak evaporator. It is possible to use such cigarette without subcharge from fifteen to twenty minutes. It is good option for all who want to try an alternative to traditional smoking.
  2. The capacitive system – is a popular electronic cigarette. Here the evaporator in two, and even is three times more powerful, than at an electronic cigarette. This option will suit all who lack the power of an electronic cigarette and there is desire to start up more smoke.
  3. Combined systems – are equipped with very powerful accumulators allowing to enjoy smoking four-five hours. Such vayp will please all who love very saturated steam.

What vayp to choose to the beginner?

To all who only want to learn that it vayp, skilled smokers advise to begin directly with electronic cigarettes. Given vayp for beginners – the ideal decision as the evaporator not really powerful, but smoking will become an excellent alternative traditional. The accumulator of one such electronic cigarette will allow to smoke no more than twenty minutes.

How it is correct to use vaypy?

To become the real vayper, it is necessary to know how it is correct to smoke vayp. The electronic cigarette is simply arranged, but it is important to learn to handle it correctly. It consists from:

  • evaporator;
  • accumulator;
  • cartridge.

As when soaring on the evaporator combustion products can accumulate, periodically the deposit should be deleted, cleaning or changing an evaporator head. To prepare a cigarette for soaring not and it is difficult. For this purpose it is necessary to adhere to simple recommendations:

  1. Right after purchase the electronic cigarette needs to be loaded 10-12 hours. Further three hours will be enough.
  2. For the first soaring recommend to establish average power.
  3. If the cigarette was used earlier, it is necessary to clean an evaporator head.

It is important to each vayper to make the first inhalings correctly. It is necessary to drag on superficially and shortly no more than twelve times, without letting in easy paragraphs. Each skilled vayper will tell that here the main rule is not to overdo. One more rule of soaring is that during a vayping it is necessary to control depth and frequency of own inhalings. Besides, from the first days it is necessary to learn to hold an electronic cigarette correctly. The tip of the device needs to be inclined down that will help liquid to arrive evenly to an atomayzer.

Whether it is possible to smoke vayp on charging?

Can seem to the beginning vayper that when soaring there is no knowledge. As the electronic cigarette reminds usual, and it is necessary to use it also. However it is necessary to remember that such type of a cigarette is a difficult electronic device and for this reason it is necessary to treat it podobayushche. Observing simple, but important rules, the cigarette will serve long. So, the first charging it is necessary to spend from ten to twelve hours. Over time the total charge of the accumulator will require two-three hours of time. Skilled smokers call such minuses of vayp:

  • impossibility to smoke vayp on charging;
  • need to periodically charge the accumulator;
  • high cost of electronic cigarettes.

How to look after for vaypy?

Quite often interests beginners how to clean vayp. When using an electronic cigarette in the evaporator a certain part of not evaporated substances which are a part of liquid gathers. During smoking they collect and the atomayzer begins to last worse and gives foreign smells when smoking. It is necessary to blow it, and prior to smoking to make no more than two inhalings without pressing the buttons. There are different ways of cleaning of an atomayzer:

  • burned;
  • washing;
  • ultrasonic bathtubs.

What vaypa blow up?

The beginning smokers often ask a question whether it is dangerous vayp to health. There are signs thanks to which it is possible to understand that there is a probability of explosion of an electronic cigarette:

  1. When using a device the battery strongly overheats.
  2. The accumulator is blown up. In this case the device needs to be replaced urgently.
  3. Liquid which is capable to get of the accumulator proceeds.
  4. Change of smack and smell of steam, especially, when there is an ashes impurity.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team