What it is better - the carburetor or an injector?

What it is better - the carburetor or an injector?

Between motorists disputes on pluses and minuses of various fuel supply systems continuously continue to be conducted. Everyone tries to find out, what is better: carburetor or injector. Though recently, since then, when in primary market cars with the carburetor engine disappeared, it became a little more silent.

For many already many years not clear that better when in the car there is a carburetor or an injector. And it is quite logical, on sale there is a car, both with the carburetor, and with an injector, but at the same time their price can differ in nothing.

Difference between the carburetor and an injector

The carburetor is the mechanical device in internal combustion engines, it, in turn, is engaged in production and supply of gas mixture. In cameras of the carburetor fuel and air which are injected later into the combustion chamber mixes up. Elements of which the classical carburetor consists: float-operated camera, butterfly valve, diffuser and jet.

What else does the carburetor differ from an injector in?

The injector represents the mechanism which carries out supply of fuel in the combustion chamber. The main difference of an injector from the carburetor is that in them a different way of supply of fuel. In carburetors fuel is soaked up in a cylinder, spending ten percent of engine capacity. And here injector engines inject fuel into the combustion chamber from nozzles.

Main differences:

  1. The carburetor – is unstable, the injector is capable to ensure effective functioning of the engine.
  2. In an injector gas mixture comes injection to engine cylinders, in the carburetor it is sucked in in the engine.
  3. The injector is capable to provide not such polluted emissions in the atmosphere.
  4. The carburetor at a hard frost freezes, and here work of an injector system does not depend on weather.
  5. If to apply an injector, then it is possible to save forty percent of fuel.
  6. In comparison with the carburetor the injector gains steam easier.
  7. The carburetor breaks more often than the carburetor. However repair of the carburetor is much more expensive.

It should be noted that the carburetor is very easy-to-work, but only in case there is a fuel filter and the owner of a car uses quality gasoline. When using low-quality gasoline the carburetor is subject to frequent breakages.

As for reliability of an injector, it is higher, than at the carburetor. But here repair of the injector engine is very complex. It is possible to carry out diagnostics of an injector only by means of the special equipment which costs quite much.

All know that petrol engines have either a fuel injector, or the carburetor. The majority is known that both of these devices perform identical function and now it is known how to distinguish an injector from the carburetor.

In principle it is important to note that carburetor engines are issued already seldom therefore, perhaps, it is not necessary to reflect strongly over what to choose. But, the main reason for why many pass to injectors, the fact that requirements to structure of exhausts increase is. Unfortunately, carburetors cannot adhere to the European standards. And the carburetor not so has not enough shortcomings if to compare to many advantages of injector motive systems.

Knowing about in what these units differ, there is a fine opportunity to understand whether it is worth putting the carburetor or to choose an injector. Perhaps, it is better to choose or leave an injector?

It is necessary to consider pluses and minuses, giving preference to the car with any given motive system.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team