What it is better to eat after the training?

What it is better to eat after the training?

After the good training it is necessary to use only healthy nutrition. Many think what after such physical activity is it is not necessary at all and are deeply mistaken. For all process in an organism the huge amount of carbohydrates and proteins is burned. Proceeding from it that there was no all work vain, it is necessary to restore reserves of the lost substances.

For a start it is necessary to remember that it is the best of all to eat food 30-90 minutes later after loadings. But what it is better to eat after the training and what diet has to be?

Food after the training

It is recommended to use proteinaceous products which will allow to build up muscle bulk. Treat them: meat, bird, fish. The main thing that in them there was no fat. Besides, the big advantage will be played by cottage cheese, eggs and all types of dairy products. As for carbohydrates after the training, special attention needs to be paid to consumption of various grain: millet, oat, buckwheat, pearl-barley. Also you should not forget that at this time there can be useful bananas, pasta, rice, otrubny bread and a small amount of honey.

What it is better to eat after the training to lose weight?

In case trainings take place just to support the figure normal, then on a question of what to eat after physical activity, the answer will be very simple – nothing! Those fats which burned during the training do not need to be restored therefore it is better not to eat within 2-3 hours after the trainings. If there is already a strong wish, then it is possible to eat apples after the training which will help to cope with feeling of hunger. All this concerns those trainings which are directed to weight loss. But here, as for a set of muscle bulk then the situation is absolutely differently. In order that muscle bulk grew, surely 30-90 minutes later it is necessary to eat proteinaceous and carbohydrate food which in this case will be very useful.


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