What it is impossible to take in the plane?

What it is impossible to take in the plane?

People who often travel precisely know what is possible and that it is impossible to take in the plane. The same who is going to use services of airlines for the first time useful will be to study the list of things which cannot be taken aboard the aircraft at all in advance.

What things cannot be taken in the plane in hand luggage?

It must be kept in mind that some objects are forbidden for pro-closed sleighs in the form of hand luggage, but are resolved in a type of cargo which is loaded into a baggage compartment. It is worth taking only the most necessary and valuable things which total weight together with a bag should not exceed 8-10 kg in salon. There are also restrictions and on height (no more than 20 cm), width (no more than 40 cm) and length (no more than 55 cm).

What cannot be taken aboard the plane in hand luggage:

  • big bottles with drinks and other liquids (small small bottles should not be open);
  • some foodstuff is canned food and a pickles in banks;
  • lotions, creams, shaving foam in a barrel, deodorants, spirits, boxes with cosmetics which can seem to the staff of the airport examining baggage, suspicious;
  • imitation of weapon – even toys and lighters in the form of a gun;
  • the kolyushche-cutting objects, even cuticle scissors and needles for sewing;
  • pets – the place in a special compartment of a baggage compartment is allocated to animals.

What it is impossible to take in the plane in baggage?

Rules, concerning what things can be taken in a luggage compartment of the plane, softer. Though all the same total weight of cargo of one passenger cannot be more than 23 kg (if more, it is necessary to pay in addition for it). And there are strict instructions that it is impossible to take in the plane at all:

  • magnets and the magnetized objects;
  • potentially explosive and flammable substances and objects;
  • objects which can be qualified as weapon;
  • poisons, chemicals, etc. of substance;
  • radioactive materials and materials;
  • peroxides, oxidizers;
  • caustic and toxic substances;
  • containers with the liquefied or compressed gas.

Why it is impossible to take liquids in the plane?

Very often travelers are perplexed why it is impossible to take on the plane liquid substances in any container with a volume more than one liter. Even if it is harmless juice or water. However customs services consider that thus it is quite real to bring on board liquid explosive or some toxic agent. But this rule does not extend to goods from "Duty free".


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