What it is possible to make of a foil?

What it is possible to make of a foil?

Food foil – very useful thing which is used in cookery for preparation of various dishes and also for storage of products. Actually there is a lot of scopes of such metal "paper" therefore it is important to know that it is possible to make from a foil with own hands. We are sure that many of the ideas given below really will surprise many. We hope, they allows to simplify life.

What it is possible to make of a foil?

The ideas are so simple and available that for realization of some it will not be necessary to use even any additional objects and tools.

That it is possible to make of aluminum foil:

  1. To take beautiful pictures on the street, it is necessary to have the reflector which costs expensive. For economy it is possible to use a foil. At first it is necessary to take three identical pieces of dense cardboard and to fasten them with an adhesive tape as the book. Then on the one hand they are fitted by a foil. That's all, the reflector for beautiful photos in a sunny weather is ready.
  2. If interests that it is possible to make of a small piece of a foil, then we offer unusual life hack – it can be used for cleaning of metal products of rust. Crumple a foil and just rub it problem places.
  3. In the conditions of the nature, when there is no access to a plate, it is possible to make self-made solar kitchen. For this purpose the design similar to an umbrella dome is made of separate parts of cardboard, and then, from the inside of it paste over with a foil. In the center it is necessary to make the flat basis to have an opportunity to put there a pan with water. The design is established in the sun and already in a short period of time water begins to boil.
  4. Saying that it is possible to make of a foil from chocolate, it will be appropriate to mention a possibility of use it instead of a scouring sponge which quickly removes fat and the burned food. At the same time It should be noted that such improvised brush does not leave scratches. For this purpose it is necessary just to crumple a foil and it is possible to pass to work.
  5. The foil is pliable material of which it will become possible to do different things, for example, it by a fine basis for production of ware. It is possible to make small cocottes and to prepare in them a julienne. In a campaign it is possible to make plates for consumption of a foil of both firm, and liquid food. Besides, if to try, it is possible even to create a spoon.
  6. Many noticed that some plants after winter look hung and weakened and they need the sun. The self-made retro-reflector will help with such situation. Take a usual cardboard box and cut off one party, and then, inside wrap up all in a foil that the brilliant party was outside. Put a box on a window sill, and already place a pot with a flower in it. This option is suitable only for photophilous plants.
  7. One more idea concerning that it is possible to make of a food foil – WI FI signal amplifier. Many users complain that the Internet badly works, and the signal is transmitted to other rooms poorly. In that case it is possible to make the amplifier of a foil which needs to be pasted to a piece of cardboard. After that it needs to be bent slightly that something similar turned out on a sail. Attach it to the antenna in any convenient way, for example, by means of a wire or it is possible to attach one more bent piece of cardboard in the center.
  8. In conclusion there is a wish to present to your attention some more unusual ideas with use of a foil. During washing it is recommended to put the ball crumpled from a foil in the car. Such simple cunning will allow to prevent electronization of clothes in the future. To grind scissors, it is necessary to put a foil in several layers, and then, it is simple to cut it.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team