What it is possible to make of a plastic bottle?

What it is possible to make of a plastic bottle?

Plastic bottle – a convenient container which is used for realization of various drinks. At the same time very few people think of the fact that the term of full disintegration of such tanks is 300 years. This information forced people to look for ways what to make from plastic bottles with own hands. Today the huge amount of the ideas for repeated application of a similar container is thought up, and it is possible to implement both small, and global projects.

What it is possible to make of a plastic bottle?

It is possible to use tanks of different volumes as for each option it is possible to find the scope. Available tools, for example, scissors, a felt-tip pen, glue, threads, etc. will be necessary for work.

That it is possible to make of plastic bottles:

  1. The simplest option – production of a glass for office supplies, toothbrushes, brushes for a make-up, etc. It is the best of all to use a color bottle. Cut capacity on halves and that it will not be wounded about edges, it is necessary to zaplavit them. It is possible to use the iron or the lighter for this purpose.
  2. For storage of different trifles, for example, of brushes, batteries and even cookies, it is possible to build a case from a bottle. For this purpose it is necessary to cut a bottle and on each part to paste on a lightning half. As a result capacity has to be closed therefore paste accurately that cloves were not displaced. It is possible to use, both the whole bottle, and small pieces.
  1. If interests that it is possible to make of 5 liter plastic bottles, then we suggest to make of it a birds feeder. About everyone the parties it is necessary to cut through windows in order that birds could get inside. One more idea – inside it is possible to insert a bottle of smaller volume a neck down, having cut through at the opening basis. It is filled with grain and will be a certain batcher which will add sterns when it ends in the main capacity.
  2. It is possible to make original flowerpots which can be attached on a tree or a wall of bottles. It is possible to fix them by means of a wire, threads or the construction stapler. The main thing to use a little earth that under its weight the bottle did not disappear. Capacity can be decorated or decorated.
  1. Finding out that it is possible to make of small and big plastic bottles, it is necessary to tell about an opportunity to make original garden figures of tanks. As plastic well bends it is possible to realize huge amount of the ideas. If there are sharp knives, then it is possible to create the real masterpiece which will become decoration of any garden.
  1. If there is enough two-liter bottles, then it is possible to build a convenient padded stool. Install bottles by a neck down and fasten them by means of an adhesive tape. The design has to turn out rather dense therefore connect tanks in pairs. From above attach a piece of the plywood suitable by the sizes. To decorate a padded stool, make on it a fabric cover.
  2. Speaking about what hand-made articles can be made of plastic bottles, it is worth mentioning also more large-scale projects, for example, it is possible to make the greenhouse. Plastic is fine construction material which can well keep heat. Handymen use bottles for construction, for example, of greenhouses. At first the framework is made of wooden bars, and then, on wires plastic bottles stretch. One more option – bottles are cut that pieces of plastic a rectangular shape turned out. They are fastened by means of the construction stapler or sewed, and then, already big sheets fasten to a wooden framework. The greenhouse in which it is possible to grow up different plants turns out.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team