What it is possible to make of old things?

What it is possible to make of old things?

Spending audit at home, many find old things which in most cases appear in a trash can. For some people the similar actions are crime as there is a little time and a creative, and from stuff it is possible to create a thing which still will serve a lot of time. Today there are various options that it is possible to make of old things. The majority of the ideas will be suitable for people who have the house with a personal plot, there is more space for flight of imaginations.

What to make with own hands from old things?

For work it is necessary to prepare tools which each man has in an arsenal.

What hand-made articles to make from old things with own hands:

  1. Many, changing plumbing, do not know what to do from the old bathroom. Today there are many various ideas, for example, most often it is used as a basis for a small pond for what the bathtub needs just to be dug to the earth and to gather in it water. Still the bathtub can be filled with the earth and to plant in it various plants. If there are necessary tools, then one wall of the bathroom can be cut accurately that will allow to receive an original sofa for what put couple of pillows on a bottom.
  2. Interests many that it is possible to make of old phone as some people very often change the smartphones for the new device. It can be used as the 3G-modem and also as a point of access of Wi-fi. If to install the additional application, then phone can turn into the surveillance camera or into the webcam. Owners of the car can use old phone as the GPS navigator or the video recorder.
  3. Ideal basis for many hand-made articles – a barrel. If she wooden, then the fine decision is to make a door from one side and to fill a barrel with ice. As a result the mobile fridge for drinks which can be also a support for snack turns out. It is possible to put a gas cylinder inside, and from above to place an electric tile, the mini-oven will turn out. It is also possible to make of an iron barrel many different things, for example, the smoking shed of hot or cold smoking, a brazier and a flowerpot for flowers.
  4. One more widespread subject – that it is possible to make of old leather things, for example, from a jacket or a raincoat. If to cut out a product to receive pieces of skin, then they can be sewed anew to receive a cover for the mobile phone, a bag, an overlay for a wheel, etc.
  5. The old suitcase from grandmothers and grandfathers will be on the attic at many people. It can be used for production of an original padded stool or a chair. For this purpose on the one hand it is necessary to attach legs, to open and record a cover, having put in a pillow. Still it is possible to store tools in a suitcase, having made different offices of plywood pieces there. The simplest option is to fill a suitcase with the earth and to plant there plants.
  6. It will be also interesting to understand that it is possible to make of old knitted things. If many knitted jackets, scarfs and caps accumulated, then it is possible to make covers on stools, an unusual blanket or a cape on an automobile chair of them.
  7. There is in an arsenal an old fridge, then you can make of it many useful things. One of the most widespread options – a hotbed for what remove all regiments and fill the fridge with the earth. It is possible to transform the old fridge to a sofa, having upholstered it with foam rubber. If the technician small, then him it is possible to turn into the portable refrigerator for drinks and ice cream. Walls need to be imposed with polyfoam or an insulating film and to fill all with ice.
  8. A huge number of old things can be used as a flowerpot or a support for plants. Various tanks, boxes, cases, footwear, the bicycle and even the car are suitable for this role.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team