What it is possible to make of polyfoam?

What it is possible to make of polyfoam?

For many polyfoam is no more than material which is used for protection of household appliances or for warming of houses. Actually it is excellent ornamental material of which it is possible to make many original things. For this purpose it is necessary to find out that it is possible to make from polyfoam with own hands for the house and the dacha that everyone could turn the presented ideas into reality.

What it is possible to make of polyfoam?

For a start we will consider properties of this material which are important for considering when choosing the sphere of its application. Polyfoam is light material which perfectly gives in to processing. In need of fixing of products from it use cement solution. Polyfoam does not react to contact with asphalt, cement, plaster and even organic acids in any way. Material spoils if interacts with acetone, benzene and a dichloroethane.

How to make useful things of polyfoam:

  1. If there are layers of this material, then it is very convenient to cut out from them different words and figures. As a result the beautiful decor for any celebration will turn out. It is possible to use them for a photoshoot, decoration of office, etc. For work it is necessary to have a good stationery knife and an emery paper. Letters can be decorated and decorated on the discretion.
  2. For those whom interests that it is possible to make of polyfoam for an interior it is possible to offer such option – imitation of a bricklaying. It is the best of all to use fine-grained polyfoam. Squared preparations which it is possible to fix on a facing surface glue are cut out from polyfoam. To make cracks and dredging the soldering iron is used. Similar imitation of a bricklaying will decorate any room.
  3. One more option for decoration of the room – imitation of a fireplace. On the made drawing necessary elements which fasten to a wall are cut out. As ornament it is possible to use colons and different patterns also from polyfoam. To make a fireplace the most similar to real, it needs to be decorated, put a protection and to place inside a small lamp or firewood.
  4. If interests that it is possible to make of polyfoam for giving, then use the following idea – build garden figures which can be both flat, and volume. For processing of polyfoam the same tools, but as figures will be on the street are used, still hard putty will be necessary.
  5. If to make a few efforts, then it is possible to receive an original frame which will become not only decoration of any picture or the photo, but also will allow to make original pictures.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team