What means expression ""to launder money"

What means expression ""to launder money"

In the world there is a set of various expressions which value is not always clear to the person. It occurs because words of which it consists make one sense, and expression - absolutely other. One of such phrases is the phrase "launder money".

Who thought up expression "to launder money"?

One of the best-known phrases which people so often hear in criminal news on TV appeared long before in general there was widespread a mass television, and the author of this popular phrase are none other than legendary Al Capone. Yes, that famous American gangster who in 1920-1930 lived in the territory of Chicago.

Just because it was difficult for Al Capone to spend the money which he received by unfair means, because of close attention of intelligence agencies, it had to legalize somehow. Here then he also thought up as it will be possible "to launder money". Then the idea about creation of huge network of laundries with the small prices came to its mind. Because of big passability, it was heavy to state to trace the profit of laundries that allowed the gangster Al Capone to write practically any income. Exactly from here also arose a popular expression "to launder money".

Now after that it became accepted also to wash in the USA the things in laundries, but not houses as such enterprises exists much at present, and everything also they continue to work at low prices.

Officially Al Capone, naturally was an ordinary seller of furniture, and under cover was engaged in a gaming, a butlegerstvo and pimping. In the history it remained rather outstanding personality which organized crime in the USA existing and which arose there under the influence of cruel Italian mafia.

Also many films about the legendary gangster Al Capone were shot. Besides, it can be mentioned in a conversation, calling known as "Scarface".

One more version of emergence of a phrase "money laundering"

Exists as well other version of emergence of a phrase "to launder money". Allegedly for the first time this expression was mentioned in the British newspaper The Guardian in connection with illegal financing of the program of the candidate for president Richard Nixon. But after many years, expression "to launder money" and remained in a lexicon of intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies of many countries of the world. Money laundering – legalization of the funds caught in the illegal way that is their translation from shadow economy, informal, in official economy in order that it was possible to use these means publicly and openly. At the same time the real source of income disappears. In documents of more official such concept is called as "laundering (legalization) of funds or other property received in the criminal (criminal) way". In present time of the ways "money laundering" exists quite a lot, and they will prosper until there are an Internet, casino and money.

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