What means "to be happy"?

What means "to be happy"?

If to conduct survey among ordinary people and to take an interest at them that means to be happy, then it will be possible to hear a huge number of various answers as how many people are so much also opinions. For example, for some on the first place the financial position, and for others, this health is. Despite this it is possible to mark out several general criteria which give characteristic to happiness.

What means to be happy?

Let's begin with the fact that happiness is a certain combined concept, including several components at once. The integrity of soul allows the person to feel internal harmony.

What means to be a happy person:

  1. For any person, irrespective of his floor, it is important to have favourite business which will absorb completely and to give positive emotions. If it was not succeeded to find such work or to construct business, then it can be a hobby. Actually everyone has some talent or ability, it is just important it correctly and in time to define and begin to develop.
  2. Each person has to have a dream to which he will aspire every day, making step by step. Exactly rising by each step, moving to top, it will be possible to feel happiness and joy. It is important not to become the hostage of the desires, having ceased to enjoy life.
  3. For men it is very important to feel the importance and to be responsible for itself and the relatives. It is difficult to meet really happy "henpecked".
  4. Great value have happy relations in which near the man there is a woman capable to inspire him and to support in any undertakings. Many will agree that behind the successful and happy man there is a clever woman. The happy and strong relations – a difficult task on which both partners have to work.
  5. It is important to men to feel independent, but not driven into any framework which begins to oppress him over time.

It is only the small list of the most often met answers to the question concerning happiness and at each person will be to steam of points to add the specified list.

There are some rules of happy life which will help the person to be adjusted on a positive harmony and to be protected from a negative:

  1. It is not necessary to complain of the life to either people around, or himself. A huge number of people at emergence of serious problems begins to think only of bad and to tell all that in life there came the black strip. It is usually necessary to wait, get a little it together and then the solution will come by itself.
  2. Learn to see around yourself only positive things. In any situation there are both good, and bad parties.
  3. Constantly remind yourself that everything is good and you are happy. In the modern world it is very difficult to think positively, but at the same time the result from it will be enormous.
  4. You learn to forgive people around as the offense leads to accumulation of a negative which will not allow to lead a happy life.
  5. Be responsible for the acts and the made decisions. To become happy, the person has to be ready to change the life. Do not cost someone or something to accuse of own insolvency as the main responsible, it only you.
  6. Create near yourself a board which will preserve against negative emotions around. Do not try to please all as it is so possible to lose itself.

to become difficult, but if to try to fill daily the life with a positive, then it will be possible to feel happiness small, but personal internally. You aspire to the best, develop and then the objective will be achieved.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team