What planets are visible from Earth

What planets are visible from Earth

With the naked eye from Earth it is possible to see five planets of the Solar system – Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn. Though some people claim that they have such acute eyesight which Uranium or the Neptune allows them to see.


1. Venus is the third in brightness object in the sky after the Sun and the Moon, it was seen by each person who at least once considered a morning or evening firmament. Venus is visible as the bright star appearing early in the evening after sunset or in the morning when the dawn is already visible. Some time is the only star visible with the naked eye in the sky, other stars at such lighting it is not visible. Sometimes this planet can be seen even in daylight of day when in the sky the Sun shines – most often it occurs in the spring or in the summer when Venus is higher over the horizon, than in the fall and in the winter.

2. Floodlight slightly concedes on brightness to Venus, but too is well visible. By sight it is a bright yellow large star which is especially well visible during opposition that is when the planet is most closer to Earth. There is Jupiter almost at once with nightfall, sometimes even in twilight. In two hours after calling this planet it is visible best of all (besides the Moon) as Venus does not shine any more. And in the dead of night Jupiter rises highly into the sky from South side. It is difficult to confuse floodlight with a usual star, it too large and bright also is allocated in the characteristic yellow color.

3. Mars is quite well visible from the earth with the naked eye, but too only during oppositions when the visible size of this planet increases several times. It is especially interesting to observe this planet during the so-called favorable opposition which takes place time in 17 years. Mars should be observed in good weather conditions. The planet all night long moves on a firmament. It is easy to distinguish it from other stars thanks to an orange or reddish shade.

4. Most closer Mercury is located to Earth, but its sizes do not allow to see better this planet than the others. Nevertheless Mercury quite bright and when nothing interferes it with observation, it is well visible with the naked eye. But there is it not so often as the planet is located too close to the Sun and is behind its bright beams. Time when it is possible to observe Mercury, very short for what he was nicknamed the "imperceptible" planet. These are the periods of so-called elongations when Mercury is located on the maximum removal from the Sun. It is visible in half an hour in its spring after the Sun sets for the horizon, it is in the West, is low. In the fall the planet is noticeable during rising.

5. During annual oppositions Saturn is sometimes visible even better, than Jupiter, thanks to large rings which reflect sunlight too. But to see rings with the naked eye it will not turn out, the telescope for this purpose is required. Saturn is visible from Earth as the white shining dot.

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