What poisonous spiders exist

What poisonous spiders exist

In the nature there are not only harmless spiders from whom the children run away with shouts and laughter, but also poisonous individuals. The sting of the last can have serious consequences. Depending on a kind of a spider, poison is capable to lead even to a lethal outcome.

Hirakantida's family

The Zheltosumy spider is not the most poisonous, but nevertheless a dangerous spider. They bite people extremely seldom. The greatest danger during attack of the representative Hirakantida's family consists in entering probability in an organism of a serious infection. The lethal outcome from poison of a spider is impossible.

Ornamental tarantula

These individuals meet in the countries of Southeast Asia. Their sting is painful. Poison can cause serious hypostases in the person.

Chinese bird spider

This is a big tarantula which length of paws reaches 20 cm. Lives in Southeast Asia. The sting of this spider can strike on the spot small mammals. The possibility of a lethal outcome and at the person is not excluded.

Mouse spider

The Missulena family which the mouse spider treats lives in Australia. Males have a reddish shade and red jaws, females – completely black. The mouse spider is very dangerous. The he can kill with poison the person. Nevertheless, such cases it was not registered as most often individuals do "dry" stings, without producing at the same time poison.

Brown spider hermit

The brown spider hermit and the Chilean hermit, being a kind of the first, are considered as extremely poisonous. As these representatives are hermits, meet to the person seldom. They have small canines which the clothes cannot be bitten through. One of the most dangerous signs of a sting of the hermit – the necrosis which is characterized by dying off of fabrics in a defeat zone. This process can extend to several dozen centimeters. Poison of the Chilean hermit can lead to a renal failure. There are cases of a lethal outcome from its stings.

Krasnospinny spider

The Krasnospinny spider has a direct bearing on the family of black widows. These representatives are very toxic. The place of their dwelling is Australia. Have a distinctive red strip on a back and a figure in the form of hourglasses on a stomach. If not to enter antidote, the sting of a krasnospinny spider can lead to death, in more mild cases – from the localized skin infection to a headache, fever, vomiting, the inflated lymph nodes. There is a probability of violation of breath, amputation of extremities, a lump.

Black widow

This is extremely poisonous spider. After pairing the female eats a male. The sting of the black widow causes the state called a latrodektizm. It provokes the hardest muscular spasms, temporary back or brain paralysis, and sometimes and death. All representatives of this family have red hourglasses on a stomach. In certain cases the bitten person dies before it is possible to enter antidote.

Sydney voronkovy spider

These are some of the most dangerous spiders on the earth. They have big canines. Instead of escaping and hiding after the first sting, they do it repeatedly. Poison of the Sydney voronkovy spider contains atrokotoksin, dangerous to all primacies, including the person. If not to enter antidote, the sting can lead to a lethal outcome.

Shestiglazy sand spider

These are some of the most poisonous spiders in the world. They live in Africa and the Southern Asia. Stick to areas where there are not enough people. Shestiglazy sand spiders are not aggressive and it look like hermits, but unlike them have stronger poison. Besides localization of necrosis, from their sting there is no antidote.

The Brazilian wandering spider

It is considered the most poisonous spider in the world. The sting which poison contains the most powerful neurotoxin is capable to paralyze breath with the subsequent suffocation. One more effect of poison is the priapizm which is understood as emergence of the painful erection leading to impotence. The lethal outcome is not excluded even at antidote introduction.

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