What processor is better for the laptop?

What processor is better for the laptop?

Practical each person, planning purchase of the laptop, thinks of what processor for it is better as depends on it as the equipment will work. For a start it is necessary to be defined on what sum it is possible to count as all equipment shares, considering price categories. It is worth noticing, purchase of expensive laptop is not always the key to the fact that the right choice was made. It is important to lean on the computer, for example, is for what purpose bought if it is necessary to work with text documents, the powerful equipment it is inexpedient to buy.

How to pick up the processor for the laptop?

To make a right choice, experts recommend to lean on a little important aspects: performance, existence of the "built-in" or "selected" graphics, energy saving, and on the volume of a cache and clock frequency.

Producer. Speaking about what is better to choose the processor for the laptop, it is worth paying attention to the producer first of all. It is necessary to choose between two giants: Intel or AMD. The first of the presented producers enjoys the greatest popularity, but for such laptop it is necessary to give the large sum. According to the latest data about 75% of all computers in the market, Intel belongs. It is also worth telling that the overall performance of Intel several times is more, than at AMD, but at the same time its ratio to cost is 15% lower, than at competitors. There is no consensus what producer to choose therefore consider the individual preferences.

Versions of video cards. All laptops can be divided into three categories: the equipment with the built-in and allocated video card and also options which have both options. With the built-in video card it is possible to carry the low price in comparison with other options to advantages of laptops, an opportunity to longer hold a charge, and still such equipment is not noisy. Pluses of laptops with the allocated video card is the high performance, high quality of graphics and ease of replacement if necessary. Thinking of what processor for the laptop the best, it should be taken into account the purchase purpose, for example, if the person plans to use modern toys, then the equipment with the built-in video card will not approach.

Quantity of kernels. In the laptops relating to low and medium-priced, in most cases use two-nuclear chips of different generations. The most powerful processor for the laptop has four kernels that allows to use such cars for work in difficult programs and for installation of modern games. Speaking about quantity of kernels, the price/quality is also important to consider purpose of the car and a ratio. It is necessary to tell that today leaders in the market are binuclear Core i5 chips.

Cache memory. Understanding how to choose the processor for the laptop, it is necessary to tell about this parameter. Speed of operation of the processor will directly depend on the size of a cache and the it more, the better. It is worth noticing that this indicator is much more important, than existence of additional kernels.

Clock frequency. It is necessary to tell that this indicator is not too important as it is worth relying first of all on quantity of kernels, a cache memory and only then to look volume at clock frequency. Here everything is simple, the this value above, the better.

Energy saving. Modern chips are issued with special function thanks to which when the laptop is not too busy, the clock frequency and supply voltage of the processor decreases. This "cunning" allows to reduce consumption of energy and heat release.


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