What properties formic acid has

What properties formic acid has

Formic acid is known to mankind many centuries. It is widespread in the nature – is a part not only allocations of bees and ants, but also is present at urine of various animals, contains in large quantities in a nettle family leaves and meets in some fruit.


1. Formic acid (methane acid) - saturated monobasic carbonic acid. It represents the unpainted liquid soluble in benzene, acetone, glycerin and toluene. Substance is registered as E236 nutritional supplement.

2. In spite of the fact that formic acid is among protozoa, it carries out in an organism a number of important tasks at implementation of intermediate process of a metabolism. In an organism of animals this acid promotes synthesis of various substances having high biological activity. These are, for example, nucleinic acids, metion, the purinovy bases. Also exchange of other, not less important acid directly depends on this acid, - folic.

3. Formic acid began to be applied in medicine many centuries back. First of all, as sedative. In ancient times for these purposes various infusions and lotions with use of this substance were made. Besides, formic acid is still effectively used at fight against such diseases as sciatica and rheumatism. Also it is successfully applied in treatment of a varicosity, arthrosis, stretchings and dislocations, injuries and fractures, gout and some other diseases. Also great antiseptic properties of formic acid are widely known. Formic acid concentration up to 10% is considered safe.

4. Along with useful and valuable properties, formic acid possesses also others, dangerous to the person - high allergenicity. Therefore before use of acid in treatment it is necessary to check possible reaction. In especially hard cases acid can lead to anaphylactic shock. So, even not the not highest concentration of vapors of acid in air can cause burning of eyes, breast pains and breath difficulty. At hit of acid of high concentration on skin, on its surface the severe burns which are followed by an acute pain are shown. The similar situation occurs also at hit in mucous, and the burn of eyes is capable to provoke injury of an optic nerve and, as a result, a blindness.

5. Thanks to the unique properties, formic acid found application in various areas. So, it is widely used in the food industry for sterilization. In biochemistry it is applied to carrying out the chromatographic analysis as solvent. Formic acid and in production areas is widely used – for a leather processing, when coloring wool and in perfumery.

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