What rust solvent is better?

What rust solvent is better?

On the car which is in operation many years there is a rust destroying not only a body, but also more fine details sooner or later. Today it is known many various techniques helping to cope with this problem. Chemical reagents are most often used therefore important the nobility what to choose rust solvent.

The classical converter is the solution prepared on the basis of orthophosphoric acid which enters active reaction with rust. At the same time it is worth noticing that reagent does not influence in any way metal which was not damaged by corrosion.

What rust solvent is better?

Today the wide range of similar products is presented at the market therefore risk to be mistaken it is rather high. Let's consider the best rust solvents:

  1. "Chain armor". It is film solvent which promotes full removal of a layer of rust which turns into zinc. In a day after use it is possible to apply already paint.
  2. "Intrepid". According to the existing responses, it is the best rust solvent for a car which allows to remove quickly even large-scale damages. At the same time it is worth noticing that this means not only removes the available rust, but also prevents its further emergence.
  3. Tsinkar. Popular folk remedy which contains tannins. After use the place of damage becomes black. Thanks to availability of manganese this means has an alloying effect. If rust thickness big, so it is necessary to put 3-4 layers.
  4. "Rost Killer". This German means which allows to remove all types of rust and also it creates a protective layer on a surface. It is also worth noting the fact that "ROST KILLER" does not corrode the intact metal.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team