What to begin repair of a ceiling with?

What to begin repair of a ceiling with?

Holding any renovation in the apartment is carried out according to a certain scheme. If you do not know what to begin repair of a ceiling with, pay attention to its appearance, namely in what state there is a surface whether there are on it defects, defects and in what state there is a plaster. If a state deplorable in such cases recommend to eliminate all superfluous from a surface, to cover the existing cracks and to level defects.

These measures are also relevant also for those who decided to establish at themselves in the room stretch ceilings. If in the future you do not want to do repair of stretch ceilings by the hands or to call masters, it is necessary to take care of its worthy appearance already now. The correct preparation will become the guarantor of the fact that the tense cloth will be able to serve a long time without carrying out repair.

Repair of a ceiling in the apartment

As well as when carrying out any construction works, it is necessary to begin with preparation of a surface. The care and quality of training directly depends on what type of a ceiling you plan to make, for example, for wall-paper or under whitewashing the surface has to be the most equal and smooth, without defects. After the surface is cleaned it is necessary to take care of surface primer. Carefully check seams, at them there has to be a plaster or plaster solution which reliability is checked by easy percussions. If from cracks these materials easily pour out, they need to be removed and put anew, having leveled a surface and to allow it to dry. Repair of a ceiling and its feature provide putting primer of deep penetration. Thanks to this substance, the best coupling is provided and the basis becomes stronger. Try to obtain ideally plain surface by a shpatlevaniye and plaster. Drawing should be carried out with use of the special pallet, and to measure defects, using level.


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