- what to choose economical heaters for the house?

- what to choose economical heaters for the house?

Sometimes the centralized heating in apartments is not enough for comfortable existence, and to the people living in the houses, often it is necessary to save. In that case many think to us purchase of the most economical heater. There is rather wide range of devices therefore it is worth understanding their characteristics not to make the wrong choice.

What to choose the economical heater for the house?

At once there is a wish to tell that the most important indicator when choosing of the heated equipment – power. As it will be possible to determine by this parameter what area to be heated. Let's consider the most popular options for use in house conditions, a garage, giving or office.

  1. Oil heater. One of the most popular options at which power can vary from 1 to 2.5 kW. The design is rather simple: the steel casing filled with mineral oil and an electric spiral. It should be taken into account that the more sections, the thermolysis is better. Economical heating of the room is carried out thanks to the fact that having reached high temperature, the device is switched-off and begins the work as necessary. It should be noted that heating temperature seldom exceeds 60 degrees, so, oxygen is not burned and there is no discomfort. It is possible to refer high temperature of a surface to shortcomings that can lead to receiving burns.
  2. Electric convector. Such devices have two classes of protection that allows to use them within a day without switching off. One more significant advantage – a possibility of operation in rooms with the increased humidity. This economical heater for the house works thanks to passing of air through heating elements. It is recommended to place the device as low as possible that it worked most effectively. It is possible to carry an opportunity to set desirable temperature to advantages. It should be noted compactness and mobility. If desired the convectors placed on the house can be united in one heating system.
  3. Fan heater. Economical heating of the house can be carried out thanks to simple and compact devices at which the maximum power can reach 2.5 kW. Heating of air is carried out thanks to the heated spiral which temperature at the exit is 20 degrees. To provide heating of all room, it is necessary to overturn the device constantly. It is possible to refer fast heating of air to advantages of a fan heater. The device is complemented with the thermostat which allows to regulate temperature. This device has also an essential shortcoming – combustion of oxygen that leads to air pollution, and it can become the reason of appearance of different diseases.
  4. Infrared heater. The most economical wall heater which is generally used for temporary heating of the room. These devices have an essential difference – they heat not air, and the objects located close. There is a wide range of such heaters which can be used on false ceilings, on verandahs and in any rooms.
  5. Ceramic heater. The modern economical electric heater for the house works thanks to compulsory convection. One of the main advantages – fast heating of air which evenly extends on all perimeter. Such heaters have an antibacterial lamp which provides a favorable microclimate. It is worth noticing that it is necessary to pay rather round sum of money for such pleasure.


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