What to do at a severe bruise of a leg?

What to do at a severe bruise of a leg?

The most widespread trauma is the bruise of extremities which arises at the sharp movement or falling. In that case the victim feels pain, the place of damage reddens and swells and also there can be also other symptoms. It is important to know what to do at a severe bruise of a leg not to aggravate a situation and to bring closer recovery. There are several basic rules of first aid and also the recommendation about treatment.

How to treat a severe bruise of a leg and a hematoma?

If a trauma serious, then it is necessary to call the doctor, and at this time to give the victim first aid. It is important that the person was in rest and it is the best of all to lay it on a horizontal surface. After that it is worth estimating the nature of damages, to wash out a wound and also to put cold. At extensive damage it is necessary to apply the pressing bandage that there was no hemorrhage.

Before beginning treatment of a severe bruise of a leg in house conditions, it is necessary to define whether ligaments, muscles and joints were injured. It is for this purpose important to see a doctor. If next day there were no complications, then it is possible to pass to active actions.

How to treat a severe bruise of a leg:

  1. It is possible to use warm compresses or to take a bath. Heat will promote resorption of a hematoma.
  2. One more important point – with what to smear a severe bruise of a leg, and so it is the best of all to use anti-inflammatory ointments, for example, Voltar, Traumel or Troksevazin. Such means will allow to kill pain, to improve a condition of capillaries and to remove inflammation. It is possible to use ointments on third day.
  3. Also essential oils which should be rubbed in the damaged place easy movements will approach. On 10 drops of olive oil it is necessary to take 2 drops of air mint.

Under a ban there are active actions, for example, grindings or massage. It not only will strengthen pain, but also will aggravate a situation.


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