What to do if eyes hurt?

What to do if eyes hurt?

Eyes are one of the most important human bodies which constantly are in work, and have a rest only when the person sleeps. Our eyes give the chance to move freely in space and to behold this world in all its paints. However in modern time the load of this body very much increased, the polluted environment, emergence of various gadgets (computers, tablets and so forth), all this is big test for our sight. Today people more often address oculists and complain that eyes strongly hurt.

Why eyes hurt?

Before taking some actions and to be engaged in treatment of eyes, it is necessary to sort for what reason there is pain, and it can be because of:

  1. Injuries of eyes. For example, some subject got into an eye, or there was a heavy blow in the field of this body.
  2. Inflammatory processes and infections. For example, conjunctivitis, at this disease of an eye not only hurt, but also become very red, there is a lachrymation and eyelids swell, the severe itch can also disturb.
  3. Long stay at the computer. Besides eye pain there is also head, the visual acuity, and in certain cases vanishes also there can be nausea.
  4. Migraines. The severe headache connected with violation of neurovascular functions can provoke eye pain.
  5. Common cold. As a rule, during a severe viral disease of an eye hurt at turn to the right and to the left, but as soon as cold passes, eye pains have to stop too if it does not occur, see a doctor.
  6. Diseases of eyes. For example, glaucoma, at this illness eyes hurt directly, and at rotation and when you look up and even when eyes are closed. If it occurs it is necessary to go immediately to the oculist, otherwise consequences will be deplorable.
  7. Points and contact lenses. Eye pains can arise because of an overstrain of optic nerves, as a result of incorrectly picked up or already unsuitable lenses.
  8. Allergies. Reddening of eyes, pain, puffiness, lachrymation, all this can be sign that mucous eyes she is angry any chemical means, etc.

What to do if eyes hurt?

Having considered the main reasons for pains in eyes, we will understand as it is possible to cope with this misfortune. So, if it is connected with catarrhal diseases, then, of course, it is necessary to be engaged in treatment of flu. If the problem because of points or contact lenses, means it is necessary to choose suitable if because of an overstrain, then rest and special eye gymnastics is necessary for your eyes. And if the cause of pains is connected with an injury of eyes, an infection, or diseases of other bodies, then it is better to see a doctor who will appoint treatment, necessary specifically for you.

Gymnastics for eyes

Also traditional medicine, however will help to kill eye pain before taking its advice, nevertheless it is better to get advice of the doctor about it. So, to remove stress from eyes, to get rid of discomfort and to lower pain, you can use one of the following recipes:

  1. Honey and onions tincture. To mix a teaspoon of juice of onions with the same amount of honey and to allow to infuse exactly day. To grease with this infusion eyes, in five minutes to wash with water.
  2. Lotions from cucumbers. To wet a peel of cucumbers or "circles" in boiled water, previously having added a soda pinch there. To put a cucumber on eyes for about 15 minutes, it helps to remove stress from eyes.
  3. Compress from cilantro. To mix small cut cilantro with honey and to put this "gruel" on eyes for about 10 minutes.
  4. Helps to improve sight special eye gymnastics and also the daily use of products, vitamin-rich which our eyes, namely carrots, bilberry, spinach, etc. need.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team