What to do if muscles hurt?

What to do if muscles hurt?

The intolerable ache in muscles can suddenly arise and suffer it happens it is impossible. Many people appear in a situation when do not know what to do if muscles hurt. In this case the recommendations of experts will help.

Why muscles hurt without the reason and how to fight against it?

Even if it seems to you that unpleasant feelings in muscles appeared suddenly and in itself, this delusion. Pain is a signal that with an organism not everything is all right. It is worth looking for everything its reason. It can be:

  • heavy bags and to that the similar injuring factors;
  • inconvenient – too fitting – clothes, the belt of jeans crashing into hips, etc.;
  • long stay in an inconvenient pose;
  • draft action – symptom of cold;
  • development of a disease of vessels and even symptom of the approaching heart attack, a stroke;
  • metabolic disorder, shortage of some vitamins;
  • excessive weight;
  • overcooling;
  • effect of toxins after poisoning.

It is necessary to kill an acute pain by means of analgetics or special ointments. But it is better to see a doctor precisely to establish the cause of pains and to begin treatment.

What to do if muscles of legs hurt after the training?

Many people who are actively playing sports are concerned by a problem what to do if after an extension and a training muscles hurt. In this case experts advise:

  • to reduce intensity of physical activities, perhaps for several days it is necessary to stop sports activities;
  • to drink more clear water after the training to improve a blood-groove;
  • to take a contrast shower – a combination of hot and cold water promote improvement of metabolism and accelerate removal of lactic acid from behind which the pain syndrome appears;
  • to put to legs ice or a cold compress from camomile infusion;
  • to make massage, it is possible with use of the anesthetizing ointment or the cream toning veins.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team