What to do if the person died?

What to do if the person died?

The death of the loved one is a great grief which is heavy for taking hard but at the same time it is necessary to take a number of actions to settle all legal issues and to organize burial. Many do not know what to do if the person died. You will need to confirm officially death fact, properly will process documents and to address to ritual service. But algorithms of actions can differ a little depending on the place where there was a sad event.

Where to address if the person died?

If the person died at home, then, first of all, you should cause on the house of the doctor from policlinic at the place of residence or ambulance crew if misfortune occurred at night. Also it is necessary to make a call to police – the employee of internals also has to examine the dead and make the protocol.

The question whether it is necessary to hand over documents also interests many if the person died. They will need to be carried in policlinic to receive the death certificate. Here it is necessary to submit the following documents: passport of the dead, the identity card, health policy of the dead, his medical record. Also it will be necessary to write the application on its own behalf. If the decision on need of pathoanatomical opening is made, then the passport of the dead will need to be brought in a morgue.

If death happened at night, then the trupoperevozka needs to be caused at once. Employees of this service will give you the direction in policlinic where you in working hours will be able to receive a medical card of the dead, and then it and the passport should be presented to a morgue to receive the decision about death.

After all passings of all above-stated procedures it is necessary to carry all documents in the REGISTRY OFFICE at the place of residence to receive the official certificate on stamped paper and the standard reference in form 33. Then it is possible to cause on the house of staff of ritual service and to begin to prepare for a funeral.

In advance it is necessary to prepare things of the dead to take away a corpse from a morgue. If the man died, then it will be necessary to choose for him underwear, socks, a suit with a shirt, footwear, shaving and toilet accessories. If the woman died, then she requires a dress, underwear, stockings or tights, footwear, a scarf, toilet accessories. It is necessary to sign the official contract for rendering services with ritual service.

What needs to be done when the person died outdoors?

If someone from relatives died not in the apartment, and, for example, in a country house, on a visit, on vacation, in this case the algorithm of actions will be the following:

  • call an ambulance and the police of that area where there was misfortune, record death fact officially;
  • receive necessary documents from medics and employees of internals;
  • cause service of transportation for delivery of the dead to the next morgue;
  • transfer by the employee of a morgue all necessary documents;
  • address in the REGISTRY OFFICE – in to what the dead at the place of residence was attached;
  • receive the certificate on stamped paper and together with it address in a morgue to get permission to transportation of a corpse in that establishment which is closer to the house;
  • now it is possible to call the staff of the funeral agency for preparation for burial.

What should be done when the person died violent death?

If the loved one died suddenly as a result of accident, suicide, murder, then you should get permission of police and prosecutor's office in the beginning. It is given on the basis of results of check or investigation of circumstances of death. With it documents you can already address to policlinic, the REGISTRY OFFICE and ritual service.


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