What was opened by Charles Darwin

What was opened by Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin is the famous British naturalist. The main work of all his life "The origin of species by natural selection" turned not only science, but also the whole world.

Passionate naturalist

Charles Robert Darwin was born in 1809 in the British town of Shrewsbury. Since early years he was interested in the nature: liked to collect herbs and flowers, to collect shells and minerals. Darwin started anew to be engaged in medicine, but quickly left it. 

Having gained the Cambridge diploma of natural sciences, in 1831 it went by the Beagle ship to a scientific round-the-world expedition for five years. Having returned to England, Darwin married and lodged in a country manor that in Down. There, in a privacy, he systematized, added the observations and gradually created the theory of evolution.

In 1859 with a circulation of 1250 pieces there was its work "The Origin of Species by Natural Selection". It was bought up in the first day. Until the end of life Darwin collected the new facts proving its theory. 

Discovery of Darwin

Analyzing observations which he made during the round-the-world expedition, Darwin came to regularity of evolution. He considered that any living being occurs from other living beings who preceded it.

It turns out, evolution is a process as a result of which more and more irregular shapes of living beings are formed. Thus, the nature needed 3 billion years to pass many stages and to evolve from the first microscopic cages to the most irregular shape of life – the person. The Darvinian theory is still criticized by church. It contradicts a bible explanation according to which all creatures on Earth were created by the God's hand. The theory is based on natural selection. Any individual, including those that treat the same look is not be absolutely identical another. Between them there are variations or characteristic deviations.

Any negative deviation promotes elimination. To the contrary, if gives advantage, i.e. increases chances of survival, it finds continuation in numerous descendants.

The primary variation is defined Wednesday in which there lives an individual. It is also natural selection. Repetition of this process from generation to generation can form new types. 

According to Darwin, survival of a look depends on the environment. So, butterflies of a geometrid – excellent to that confirmation. Within a century prior to an industrial revolution in England the white individuals were more numerous as merged with birches on which sat down while dark quickly destroyed predators. When the polluting industrial emissions began to settle on trunks of trees, the balance became the return: dark butterflies well masked and forced out white. 

Discovery of Darwin became a world sensation. Its theory at once had many supporters. 

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