What was written about Christ by secular historians of the 1st century

Many consider that the information about Jesus Christ's identity contains only in books of the New Testament. However this statement does not correspond to scientific data. In the 1st century the secular Roman historians in the works mentioned Jesus Christ.

Now scientists see the real historic figure in Jesus Christ. Data on Christ Redeemer's life are got by Christians generally from bible narrations. Besides, our time was reached by certificates on Christ and from ordinary secular historians of the Ancient Roman empire. It is possible to mention some of them.

So, Iosif Flavy living in the 1st century after R.H. in the "Judaic antiquities" gave short characteristic of the personality and Christ's activity. Flavy wrote that Christ worked great wonders. Special respect for Jesus's identity was expressed that the personal pronouns applicable to Christ were written with a capital letter. Flavy was so struck with data on Christ's miracles that doubted that Jesus can be considered only a person. Iosif mentioned Christ Redeemer's apostles, wrote about Christ's execution at Pilat, as well as about Christ Redeemer's revival, and the phenomenon of the last to pupils.

It is possible to distinguish the letter of the deputy Vifiniya of Pliny Mladshy from other historical secular sources mentioning Jesus's identity to the emperor Traian. So, Pliny pointed that Christians esteem Cristo Bogom. Vifiniya's deputy asked council at the emperor about measures of punishment for followers of christian teaching.

Other Roman historian of the 1st century Tacitus mentioned the fire made by the emperor Nero in Rome. Tacitus wrote that Nero shifted the blame on Jesus Christ's followers of Christians. Besides, the historian mentions Jesus Christ's treasury the procurator Pilat and also writes about brutal murders of the first Christians who were tormented for the faith in Christ as God.

One more historian, mentioning Christ, Svetony is (apprx. 70-140 AD). He wrote that the emperor Tibery wanted to rank Christ as a pantheon of the Roman gods. However it was prevented by the Senate. Tibery was induced on such desire by the miracle made by Mary Magdalene. The last came to the emperor with a sermon on the revived Christ. As a sign of truthfulness of the words the egg which was in a hand sacred during a sermon wonderfully reddened. Perhaps, this event also affected Tiberiya who wanted to make Christ the Roman god.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team