Where to catch crayfish?

Where to catch crayfish?

To regale on a dish from these arthropods, it is necessary to know, where to catch crayfish. The place will determine in many respects catch size. Therefore it is necessary to approach a question of the choice of a reservoir carefully.

Where it is better to catch crayfish?

These arthropods prefer clear water therefore strongly polluted and small lakes or streams will not approach. It is necessary to look for a reservoir with flowing water and steep coast. Such lakes or streams are preferred by crayfish.

Also pay attention to the soil near a reservoir, it is better if it is peat or covered with silt. It is possible to find a set of "rachy lodges" which will be located at a depth of 20-30 cm in such place.

Water temperature – here one more characteristic which defines when and where it is possible to catch crayfish. The it will be higher, the earlier there will pass the molt period at these arthropods, so, it is necessary to begin catching also a little earlier, than it is defined by a season.

Speed of a current and illumination of a reservoir will help to choose catching time correctly. Than less light gets through thickness of water, those in earlier time need to put traps or to begin hunting.

On what bait to catch crayfish?

eat various products. Therefore as a bait it is possible to use practically everything - pieces of fat or meat, mollusks, swan mussels. The cheapest, but not less effective bait – ordinary frogs. Their crayfish also eat. The main rule is to catch frogs in the same reservoir where you are going to hunt.

The bait for crayfish has to be a little rotten. The putrefactive smell attracts arthropods, they prefer such food most.

Ways of catching of crayfish

It is possible to catch crayfish in various ways as using special devices, and just hands. Rakolovki allow to catch crayfish both more quickly, and it is safer. These arthropods have claws which when catching by hands can quite put a trauma. It is possible to buy rakolovka in specialized shop or to make independently. It practically not to affect quality of a catch.

If you prefer to catch crayfish hands, then do not forget about care. Put on dense tarpaulin gloves or mittens. It will help to protect hands from claws. Also you remember that cancer it is not possible to take only for an armor in the field of a back, so it will be able to put a trauma.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team