Whether color lenses are harmful?

Whether color lenses are harmful?

Couples decades ago the ophthalmology was blown up by a new boom – contact lenses. Men replaced the bothered points with this new invention of medicine and got rid of the nickname "four-eyes" which set the teeth on edge. After them there were color lenses which are capable not only to adjust sight, but also to be used in purely esthetic purposes. It is worth getting acquainted closer with this novelty and to learn whether color lenses are harmful.

Types and the created effect

This product can be both color, and coloring. The last have insignificant quantity of the painting pigment and cardinally an eye is not able to change color. They are only capable to strengthen a natural shade and to add to it depth. For example, to make gray-blue eyes heavenly, green – emerald, etc. Color it is possible to select, without looking back but color of the iris as they are designed to change an image cardinally. We hurry to calm those who are interested whether similar color lenses are harmful to healthy eyes and to answer – no more, than usual contact though there are nuances.

This product is not painted around a pupil and therefore does not change a color rendition. However, our pupil reacts to light expansion, or compression, and here in this case options are possible. Color lenses can be harmful to eyes because at expansion of a pupil it is possible to catch a look the painted-over part of a lens which will create effect of small turbidity. Therefore men driving and that who performs the work connected with tension of attention and sight should protect themselves from carrying such lenses. But color lenses are not harmful in case the pupil is narrowed from bright light. In this case the standing interlocutor can notice border between your own iris and a lens, but some do not consider it an esthetic shortcoming and even on the contrary.

Whether harmfully constantly to carry color lenses?

In general no problems from their carrying can be, but here it is necessary to consider that the person who is not needing correction of sight just does not treat it rather seriously. And these lenses, as well as usual contact, demand observance of certain rules of use. In particular, it is necessary to store them in a special container, watching that for moistening liquid always was clean. For the night it is obligatory to remove before holding hygienic procedures – washings, shaving, etc. And here those who neglect these rules are interested later at the doctor why coloring lenses are harmful and how now to eliminate dryness and reddening of eyes.

Any product of this sort in fact is a foreign matter which willy-nilly introduces the amendments in work of organs of vision. Lenses are required to be humidified during the day by means of special drops. And to use them it is necessary to learn still at first as not always it turns out at once. If to try to put on the worn or spoiled lens covered with scratches or in general torn, then it is possible to rub simply an eye as footwear, improper by the size, rubs legs. But legs are not eyes and the damaged layer of a cornea it will be not so simple to restore.

The majority of color lenses has a short expiration date – only several days, and even one day. Independently increasing it, and operating a product over the put interval of time, it is possible to do essential harm to the health. Besides, the smoking men worsen quality of the lenses which constantly are affected by cancerogenic impurity. Therefore it is better to use such lenses only occasionally, putting on a party or a photoshoot.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team