Whether electronic cigarettes are harmful?

Whether electronic cigarettes are harmful?

So-called e-cigarettes were invented only in 2003. Any clinical trials, statistics, data that the generation which "grew" on e-cigarettes, more great or, on the contrary, more weakly what smoked "frankly" is not present and cannot be. Moreover, state control (in any country of the world) does not even extend to e-cigarettes and about any standards so far the speech does not go.

Contrary to all this, those who passed to nicotinic cigarettes express the satisfaction. The endurance increased, disappeared, it seemed already eaten in everything around, a smell of cigarettes and house do not complain. Besides it is possible to smoke everywhere and without ashtray!

But to us early to rejoice because from smoking of electronic cigarettes already nevertheless something is known of harm.

What harm from electronic cigarettes?

The American scientists decided to understand this "Chinese" question (unless you did not know that a uniform owner of the patent for their production is the Hong Kong company?). After studying 33 copies of e-cigarettes, it was revealed that each of them contains 20% more nicotine, than it is specified on marking, moreover, even nicotine free cigarettes contain nicotine.

It is clear, why it becomes. Nicotine influences the zone "pleasures" in a brain, and it also is the cause of dependence. A conclusion – you will not get rid of a habit to smoke even if you will pass to e-cigarettes.

The electronic cigarette is harmful to people around. It proved a recent research of the same Americans. It is about tertiary smoking when nicotine accumulates on walls, windows, half of the room where you smoked. That is, potentially harm is, but is real what it and as far as the human health in which environment you smoke worsens, it is unknown.

The fact that you thought on whether electronic cigarettes are harmful, says that your brain suspected something wrong. It appears, having passed to e-cigarettes, you have real chance to absorb even more nicotine, than from usual cigarettes.

The reason is that we treat them as to "safe", that is, without infringements of conscience, they can be not taken out from a mouth the whole day. And whether you know that excess of a dose of nicotine leads to paralysis?

It is the biggest harm known at the moment - imaginary safety.

If to speak only about harm of nicotine free electronic cigarettes, it is necessary to mention propylene glycol is "Е" - additive which is a part of deodorants, toothpastes, creams, shampoos. If in nicotine free cigarettes nicotine was not valid, it, perhaps, would be their most harmful component as substance often causes allergic reactions.

Whether there are pluses of transition to e-cigarettes?

To understand what harm is done by an electronic cigarette, scientists will be able still at a distant day – all experiments demand time, years, and even decades. Only this way it is possible to collect real data and to draw conclusions.

But, certainly, these cigarettes have also positive sides. Let's say the most important for most of smokers – a ritual of deflation of smoke, finding of a cigarette in fingers … All this remains that it is impossible to tell about recommendations instead of smoking there are lollipops. It is also psychological dependence which it is almost impossible to win, but well at least against the fact that theoretically, harm can be minimized.

Besides, left off smoking, usually return to a habit, to the stress moments. In that case, really it is worth recommending to keep a nicotine free cigarette in an access zone and the most difficult minutes to smoke it. But at all pluses of such deception, you will never be able to win against dependence, substituting attributes in this invariable habit.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team