Whether electronic cigarettes without nicotine are harmful?

Whether electronic cigarettes without nicotine are harmful?

Many smokers look for a way to refuse an addiction and consider an alternative electronic cigarettes. And some also did not begin to smoke, but look towards a child of new technologies, believing that harm from this special will not be. Whether so it whether electronic cigarettes without nicotine content are harmful, will be told below.

Structure and the rendered effect

Any similar cigarette has an appearance of a mini-inhaler which the ultrasonic evaporator, the microprocessor, the sensor and the bulb on a tip imitating burning is built in. To understand whether harmfully constantly to smoke electronic cigarettes without nicotine, it is necessary to understand that is a part of liquid for gas station. The lack of nicotine in it is filled with other additives – menthol, alcohol, capsaicin. It impacts to the device more difficult relish: alcohol slightly burns mucous, capsaicin provokes soft peppery burning.

To understand, than electronic cigarettes without nicotine are harmful, it is necessary to know what effect these additives have on an organism, and it is so far poorly studied. But there are huge pluses for the smoker trying to throw, the habitual irritating throat action cannot be felt, using a plaster or chewing gum. Therefore whether nicotine free cigarettes of the electronic mechanism of work are harmful, everyone solves for himself, however, they precisely will bring to smokers with an experience harm less, than usual analogs. And here a beginner it is not necessary and to try, how to swallow the first tablet or the first time to drag on smoke – having tried it once, it will want and still.

And than nicotine as in simple, and electronic cigarettes is harmful, and so all know therefore it is the best of all to throw bad habit and to protect heart and vessels and to remember that surrounding people too involuntarily become passive smokers including children.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team