Whether evolution in public stopped

Evolution – natural process. It is based on genetic speciation of live individuals including the person. Whether development on homo-sapiens stopped or in the future we are waited by new acquaintances – it is heavy to assume.

Evolutionary processes in the environment happen constantly, and at intervention of a civilization they only amplify. But even fantasts cannot foresee whether the being will appear on our planet, in many respects – and is intellectual, and physically – surpassing the person. Looking back, it becomes clear: the fact that it seemed impossible 500 years ago today – ordinary reality. The present person is much cleverer than ancestors, is physically difficult differently (above, but is weaker). Anthropologists assume how the person will look in the future what evolutionary changes will affect him in the next millennium.


It is considered that scientific and technical progress oblenit rapid physical development of people: it is not necessary to make efforts any more to achieve some result. And here to create new devices, intellectual development is necessary. Why then not to create a peculiar symbiosis of the person with car to unite reason and to have an opportunity to operate it purposefully, saving important information or, on the contrary, deleting unnecessary.

Genetic engineering

Perhaps, gene changes do not promise to mankind of creation of people of a new type, at least, scientists did not achieve success in this field yet. But here to transform the genes which are responsible for presence of hereditary diseases, to find an opportunity to isolate them or to prevent – world geneticists work on it. It is supposed that people of the future will be able to take special medicine proceeding from the gene code then developing of diseases will be blocked in advance. And maybe, there will be a way to affect power of thought which, in turn, absolutely without drugs will be able to operate internal processes of all organism.

Indigo children

These children are distinguished by precise mind, judiciousness, rapid intellectual development and ability "to remember" the antecedents. Scientists note their high IQ, geneticists claim that Indigo DNA bears in itself absolutely other information, than at the average person, and it allows such children to samoizlechivatsya from serious illnesses. Indigo children – directly the proof that evolution of mankind does not stand still, and happens it quite smoothly and naturally.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team