Whether harmfully to take a blood test?

Whether harmfully to take a blood test?

Every year promotion of donorship increases. Blood donation – an important mission which helps to save lives of a huge number of people. Reserves of blood are necessary to people with oncological diseases, during various operations, childbirth, etc.

Many people think of whether harmfully to take a blood test as the donor and how the similar procedure affects the state of health. To understand this subject, many researches and experiments were conducted.

Whether harmfully to take a blood test?

If the person came to take a blood test as the donor, then usual take about 450 ml from him. As the system of blood formation is the self-regulating process, the amount of the taken-away blood is restored in 2 weeks.

Positive sides of regular blood donation:

  1. There is a blood updating process stimulation, and it favorably affects work of a pancreas and digestive system.
  2. Donorship – excellent prevention of developing of diseases of a cardiovascular system. There is a correction of arterial blood pressure.
  3. The immunity improves, and the person resists to various diseases better.
  4. There is an unloading of a liver and spleen, and it is excellent prevention of development of diseases of these bodies.

One more significant advantage – people who regularly take a blood test have more chances to survive during receiving serious injuries. As you see blood donation process, is very useful to an organism, the main thing to follow the existing rules.

Many people, saying about why harmfully to take a blood test, mention that during the process and after it the person is in a preunconscious state, but it is quite normal. If right after blood selection sharply not to rise, then unpleasant feelings will soon disappear.

Whether harmfully often to take a blood test?

As the organism needs time for restoration of level of blood, often it is not recommended to take a blood test. Men can do it no more than 5 times a year, and to women – 4 times.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team