Whether Higgs boson is found

Whether Higgs boson is found

The Large Hadron Collider, eight years which was under construction with the participation of the international community of scientists and engineers in three years after start began to give results which from it were expected. The first data belong to signs of existence in fact of theoretically predicted elementary particle - Higgs boson.

Search of confirmation of existence of Higgs boson was declared by the European center of nuclear researches - CERN - in the first lines of the agenda of researches which have to be carried out on a hadron collider in Switzerland. This organization also provides the scientific management of all project of creation and operation of the accelerator, equal to which is not present on our planet. This unit has to disperse elementary particles - protons - to the greatest possible speed and to push together them among themselves. Electronics registering everything the events at collision collects and processes data on the basis of which scientists have to draw conclusions about the processes generated by this collision. It means that in all project there were three main problems. The first - to create the equipment which is capable to push together protons among themselves at a sufficient speed. Speed at which Higgs boson has to prove was removed theoretically, and scientists could receive it by means of a collider. The second - to achieve from measuring electronics of data which can be trusted. Vessels according to statements of CERN, in five years from the date of start of the accelerator it was succeeded to solve this problem too and the accuracy of the recorded data is expressed by five constants sigma - it enough to consider the received results reliable.

There was the last bottleneck - interpretation by scientists of the received results. The data recorded during two experiments with the names CMS and ATLAS, which were carrying out them physicists estimate as existence confirmation of earlier not registered particle. Its properties in the made experiments corresponded to those which in the theory are attributed to Higgs boson. Therefore in CERN are sure of opening of a certain new particle, but do not announce unambiguously Higgs boson detection yet.

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