Whether it is necessary to eat after the training?

Whether it is necessary to eat after the training?

Most of people ask a question today whether it is necessary to eat after the training. Generally this question concerns those cases when the person just grows thin, but does not train purposefully muscles.

Many fitness trainers recommend to the people wishing to lose weight, not to eat food after the training for several hours as it promotes continuation of process of combustion of fats. It would seem, everything is clear, but you should not forget that during physical activities at the person the destruction directed not only on fat deposits, but also on muscle tissues begins. The opinion of doctors meets with this belief, but they came to a conclusion that after the training it is possible to eat proteinaceous products.

After the training the organism needs amino acids, in other words, in protein. Such food will not allow process of combustion of fat to stop, and on the contrary, will accelerate it. Thus, at hit of amino acid in an organism it begins to turn into glucose that promotes acceleration of a metabolism and recovers muscles which were destroyed during physical activity. For those who are interested in a question that it is better to eat after the training, say, that it is recommended to use such products supporting squirrels: fish, eggs, seafood, low-fat grades of meat and various dairy products.

What to eat after the training for growth of muscles?

Right after the training the anabolic (training) window which needs to be closed by means of carbohydrates and proteins as, without having made it, it is possible to face process of disintegration of muscles opens. It is recommended within half an hour when the window is opened, to eat food, vitamin-rich and carbohydrates – it influences growth of muscles.

Best of all for a set of muscle bulk to use after the training the geyner, being proteinaceous and carbohydrate additive after a meal. It will be also good to eat vegetables after heavy physical activities. Preference is most of all given to bananas as they are rich with carbohydrates.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team