Whether it is possible to park on a semicircular marking?

Whether it is possible to park on a semicircular marking?

Give, opening a subject of a parking we will be defined that means under a phrase "semicircular marking". According to the description, this place in the end or the beginning of a parking zone (paid parking) specifying a turn corner, and in case of street and road zones, means an adjunction of departure or entrance on the territory of houses, crossing of streets and turns. But whether it is possible to park on a semicircular marking – about it and we will talk.

Whether it is possible to park on a semicircle?

As informs, governed about the parking - this marking forbids to park in its limits, reasoning this ban with the fact that the standing car will be an obstacle for other participants of the movement. Being guided by Paragraph 12.4 of traffic regulations, the stop is forbidden in places where the vehicle blocks the normal review to other drivers and pedestrians on traffic light signals, road signs and constrains departure or entrance on the adjoining territory.

Defining value of the adjoining territory, the territory which is, directly, adjoining the carriageway not intended for through crossing by vehicles it can be considered as it can be: automobile gas stations, parking, yards of inhabited massifs.

On the other hand, according to the traffic regulations Paragraph 1.2 if in the adjoining territory there is a carriageway, then the driver on the road with an adjunction cannot closer stop, than 5 meters from edge of a cloth of the carriageway. If in this territory there is no carriageway, then the parking on a semicircular marking, at the region of the adjacent territory will not be violation.

Rules contradict each other, but also ignorance of the law will not save from inevitable punishment. Despite all arguments, often it happens so that the car left on the island for which the valet took payment in a couple of minutes leaves astride the tow truck.


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