Whether it is possible to train at cold?

Whether it is possible to train at cold?

Cold - the most widespread viral disease which is followed by appearance of cold, pains in a throat, the general weakness and weakness of an organism. As a rule, the people playing sports catch a cold much less often, and the disease proceeds quickly and easily, without any complications. Whether it is worth training at cold everyone solves for himself. However, in each case it is necessary to listen to an organism and to watch a state. Doctors do not advise to continue sports activities at fever, cough, temperature, an ache in a thorax. These states signal that it is better to postpone a training for the near future. These unpleasant symptoms can only worsen a condition of the patient, having led to undesirable consequences.

Whether it is possible to train during cold?

Easy characteristic symptoms of cold, such as congestion of a nose, sore throat, sneezing are not an obstacle in a way to occupation moderate trainings. During the pilot studies it was revealed that the physical activity at insignificant manifestation of cold will not do much harm, and on the contrary will become a powerful push on the way to recovery. Constant trainings in total with a full-fledged dream are capable to strengthen immunity and to give new forces to an organism for fight over cold. But nevertheless, it is expedient to reduce sports classes in intensity and duration, having reduced thereby load of the weakened organism.

Whether it is possible to train at cold without temperature?

In this situation it is possible to continue sports trainings if there are no following aggravating symptoms:

  • muscular and articulate ache;
  • head pains;
  • dry cough.

After a disease it is not necessary to return to full-fledged loadings. It is necessary to prepare at first itself moderate physical activity then gradually to enter the initial level of intensity of trainings.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team