Whether it is possible to train every day?

Whether it is possible to train every day?

Now many people want to get healthier, become stronger, to get a beautiful figure. Trainings in the gym or on exercise machines well will be suitable for these purposes. Fitness classes, other types of gymnastics and power loadings are extremely popular presently. Many buy subscriptions, register in clubs, buy exercise machines for home trainings and start intense occupations. But whether it is possible to train every day – about it further in article.

About that how often it is possible to train, generally it would be worth consulting to experts from the very beginning. But it even does not come to the majority to mind. They snatch on trainings and will see off in halls and on exercise machines till several hours daily. And very much are surprised when the special effect is not visible. Body weight does not hurry to leave, muscles are not built, and the health only worsens. Why?

What will be if to train every day?

All useful changes in an organism (loss of weight, accumulation of muscle bulk and so forth) happen not during the training (as naive most of people thinks) at all, and during relaxation. Then both leaves superfluous, and necessary comes. And relaxation is not a one-stage phenomenon. Restoration – long process during which have to be restored cardiovascular, endocrine and other systems, and not just muscles.

Within half an hour or the cardiovascular system and breath are a little more restored. And only after that reorganization of a metabolism and combustion of fat begins, the hormonal background changes. Then there is a jump of activity of a recovery system. At this time also the general condition of an organism improves, it is revitalized, becomes stronger.

The period of growth of muscles and endurance in general comes only after three and even more days, then process of adaptation of an organism to intensive trainings reaches apogee. Also it is necessary to hold the next intensive training to this moment, then the organism will be tuned into further fulfillments and trainings will give effect. If to miss this moment, the organism will return to indicators former, "dotrenirovochny", if I may say so.

From this it is clear why it is impossible to train every day: it, first of all, is unprofitable, will bring not enough benefit, both change of weight, and high-quality improvement of muscle bulk happen only two-three days later. From what the answer to a question how many times a week it is necessary to train is obvious. Two-three times at an interval of three about a days. It will be most useful.

But excessively frequent trainings – it is not simply useless; at them there are also undesirable changes in an organism. In several weeks of people notices that it ceased to grow thin (if weight loss was the purpose of occupations), muscles ceased to grow (if formation of a beautiful body was the purpose), forces got to somewhere, mood on zero, and the general state which is absolutely broken.

What is it? It is an overtraining syndrome. It is characterized by undesirable changes in all systems of an organism. If the person continues intensive trainings, then an organism to avoid exhaustion of energy and serious hormonal violations, in general will get sick. There is no advantage of it as it is clear to any, any.

It is easy to overtraining to avoid if it is reasonable to resolve an issue how many days a week it is necessary to train: it is so much that the organism had an opportunity to be restored, that is 2-3 days.

These recommendations will be useful to whom the question concerning whether it is possible to train every day interests and what consequences can arise.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team