Whether it is useful to sleep without pillow?

Whether it is useful to sleep without pillow?

Important accessory of our dream is the pillow. It allows to accept more convenient pose for a quiet quiet sleep. However some people claim that the pillow is an optional subject for a dream as it serves for comfort, but at the same time negatively affects health. Among doctors there are disagreements about it, however now the most part of experts speak about need of this subject. Thinking of whether it is useful to sleep without pillow, it should be taken into account also other moments which influence sleep quality and are not always directly connected with existence and lack of a pillow.

Whether it is possible to sleep without pillow?

The basic purpose of a pillow is to help to adopt the provision, natural to a body. At the same time the backbone should not be bent. It is possible to sleep without pillow if the person likes to sleep on a back or a stomach. However at sleeping on a back without pillow during sleep the nape because of arrangement on a firm surface can grow dumb. Besides there is a risk of flowing of saliva in airways that can cause reflex cough.

Answering a question whether harmfully to sleep without pillow, orthopedic surgeons do not recommend to sleep without pillow on one side as in this situation the backbone is strongly bent. Besides, it is impossible to do without this subject those who have diseases of the vascular system and the musculoskeletal device as it can lead to deterioration in health.

It is useful to sleep without pillow only to babies as it strengthens their cervical muscles and helps the correct formation of vertebral bends.

Those who wants to begin to sleep without pillow should remember that it is less advantage of it, than harm. It is much better to choose the correct pillow which will help to support a backbone in anatomic correct situation for a dream.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team