Whether onanism is harmful?

Whether onanism is harmful?

Many men claim that to have "a bit on the side" this justified means of maintenance of health if the wife cannot satisfy their passion and be engaged in masturbation harmfully. But whether onanism as the majority argues on it is so harmful, physiological process takes place on same "notes", as at natural sexual intercourse. Many sexopathologists and psychologists do not see sharp negative sides in self-satisfaction.

Sexual intercourse comes to the end with an orgasm at which the set of hormones of happiness is splashed out to the blood course, they affect all organism, and at the same time inflow of cheerfulness is observed and the good mood appears. As well at the masturbation finished by ejaculation the same hormones (endorphins), but in smaller quantity are produced. Though if at the man the imagination is developed and at masturbation he represents sexual intercourse with the sexy girl, then the maximum quantity of endorphins is developed.

Why consider that onanism is harmful?

Popular belief that the people who are engaged in masturbation get used to satisfy quite so the requirements and are already incapable of full sexual intercourse therefore harmfully to be engaged in onanism. The reasons of such habit lie in mentality of the personality, but not in laws of physiology in any way. If the young man hesitates to communicate with girls, then often self-satisfaction is an exit, otherwise the need for sex will only increase, the guy will be angry and irritable that can cause harm to surrounding people if it turns into the sex maniac. In this situation onanism allows "to be discharged", and further under safe circumstances at the guy the relations with girls will be improved, and he will become the exemplary family man.

It is considered what at masturbation a lot of sperm is emitted what leads to big loss of protein and therefore onanism is unhealthy, but whether so it? Medical researches showed that the amount of sperm is affected by other factors (physical health, food), and the volume of the eyakulyat depends on individual indicators, but not on a way of achievement of an orgasm.

Than onanism is harmful?

Among men there is a popular belief that at regular masturbation the thirst for women becomes dull. But the men living in those places where for many years are without access to a female body also get used to self-satisfaction, do not observe decrease in sexual activity upon return home.

It is necessary to understand each case individually - whether harmfully to be engaged in onanism to any given man. Everything depends on his requirements, on regularities of its mental processes. The reasons for which it is unambiguously possible to say that masturbation is extremely harmful are still unknown to physicians.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team