Whether there are aliens?

Whether there are aliens?

Long decades inhabitants of our planet argue on extraterrestrial life. Every day on pages of newspapers, screens of TVs and radio waves slip news about unusual finds, about unidentified flying objects and the beings who came back to Earth.

From where everything went

The first official mentions of visit of Earth by newcomers are dated the nineteenth century. However in volume time did not exist either the term "alien", or the concept "unidentified flying object" yet. These definitions appeared only in the middle of the twentieth century when if to trust this version, the aircraft of newcomers crashed.

It happened in Roswell (State of Washington) and caused great public outcry. The people who saw information on the front pages of newspapers outright were frightened, but the American authorities managed to rumple a situation, having convinced all that the found object - nothing but the meteorological probe.

Existence of aliens: whether it is worth trusting?

Whether so there are aliens actually? Today ufologists do not possess the absolute facts, but the indirect evidence does not give the grounds to close this dispute. For example, the stone spheres of Costa Rica scattered on the ground in the geometrical sequence or huge drawings on the Nazca plateau.

It is possible that these artifacts of mysterious origin demonstrate intervention of extraterrestrial mind.

And though doubts on this subject are enough, you should not trust all rumors concerning meetings with aliens, perhaps. Many people, having seen something shining and moving ahead on the sky, begin to shout of the UFO. Though actually the science stepped forward long ago, and the planes possessing an unusual design, satellites, helicopters are issued today. Flashes of bright light do not prove too that newcomers exist, and their artful plan at all not necessarily is occupation of the planet Earth. It can be usual atmospheric changes.

As for stealing and scanning of a human brain, It should be noted that many similar stories were connected with people unhealthy mentally.

Whether there will be aliens, risking to be opened, after stealing to return back the person to Earth? Or whether they with it will start a conversation, sitting on its bed? Such mystical stories look, to put it mildly, doubtfully against the background of stories about unusual supermind of newcomers. The person has property to see that he wants. It is possible therefore the people who are passionately wishing a meeting with unusual extraterrestrial so often think of it that as a result of their mind gives them such chance. However, there is also other version - data which are capable to resolve a dispute on possible existence of newcomers, can be secret. For this reason the mankind has no absolute evidence concerning visit by aliens of Earth.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team