Who made the first round-the-world trip

Who made the first round-the-world trip

History stores names of many outstanding travelers, scientists, pioneers. In certain time in the history of development of human society there came the moments when people carried out hitherto it would seem impossible. It is possible to carry the first round-the-world travel to such events.

The first round-the-world travel was carried out by Portuguese Ferdinand Magellan. This traveler was born 1480 in the Portuguese kingdom. Magellan ended days of the life not on the home ground. Perhaps, it is symbolical – the traveler died in 1521 on the island of Maktan (Philippines).

Is known of Magellan's family a little. Scientists assume that the boy in family of noblemen was born. Except future great traveler in family there were four more children.

The first round-the-world expedition was equipped and approved by the Spanish king Charles I. Five ships were equipped, Ferdinand Magellan was the head of a round-the-world mission. The expedition went in 1519 from the Seville harbor. The way of seafarers was very hard, they floated from the South - the West towards the Moluccas, through America. Ferdinand Magellan's subordinates wanted to come back home to Spain more than once, lifting a mutiny.

The ships moved by east part of the coast of South America. Having reached a final point of the continent, they found the bay and moved there, investigating a way on a labyrinth. On the road they were accompanied by darkness and emptiness, however soon ashore travelers saw fires. This area received the name "Tierra del Fuego", Magellan became her pioneer.

Having floated between Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego on the open passage, travelers left to the ocean which is called Silent. On the Philippine Islands the travelers stocked up with provisions and water and started on on a way further. However on the island of Maktan the head of an expedition Fernán Magallanes was killed in armed conflict of Europeans with natives. The great traveler did not return home. However he became the first who equipped such expedition and crossed the Atlantic and Quiet oceans.

The round-the-world travel continued till 1522. Many ships of an expedition of Magellan did not reach the home ground. Only the only vessel "Victoria" returned back.

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