Who such major how to become similar on a major?

Who such major how to become similar on a major?

In life many classifications are used, and people are divided into numerous groups: botanists, macho and others. The separate step is occupied by mazhor which differ from others on many signs, for example, of appearance, to the principles of life and preferences in rest.

What means a major?

In society there are different layers, and there are families which possess the huge capital. Young people who left wealthy families are called by mazhor. Rich parents do not refuse anything to the children, surrounding only them with the best things and giving access to big money. All this becomes the reason of loose life which often causes huge problems. A major which value is based on the main characteristics of such people we will apply the term to such famous people: Paris Hilton, Timati and Dana Borisova.

How to become a major?

If to look at value of the term "major", then it is clear that not each young man can cling to this group of people as it is necessary to be born in family of wealthy parents and to get from them continued financial support. For those whom interests as become a major, it is worth paying attention to the main characteristics of such people: infantilism, lack of desire and ability to work, thirst for incessant fun and the best things, inability to solve vital problems, complete dependence from parents and unwillingness to think of the future.

How do mazhor put on?

Thanks to the finance the rich young people are able to afford things which are inaccessible for ordinary inhabitants. Representatives of gilded youth are always in the fashion, visiting whenever possible displays of different designers. To meet them in usual shops it is unreal as they select clothes only in boutiques. Often representatives of this social group have stylists or work directly directly from designers. To understand how the major looks, it is worth mentioning the most popular and expensive brands.

  1. Gucci. Under this brand realize not only clothes, but also bags, and accessories. The high prices, but the number of buyers does not decrease.
  2. Prada. Simplicity and style of this brand made it popular among mazhor. This fashion house releases clothes, footwear and cosmetics.
  3. Chanel. The brand is popular thanks to original styles and courageous experiments.
  4. Brioni. For those whom interests, who such major, it is worth knowing that it is the most prestigious and expensive brand of clothes for men. Suits of this brand are made manually and there are about $5 thousand.
  5. Berluti. The European brand which releases men's shoes and leather accessories. The average price of one brand is $2 thousand.

How do mazhor live?

Can watch everyone life of gilded youth thanks to social networks as they regularly expose photos. It is possible to call all this "the beautiful picture", but there is also other party of a medal. Definition a major for the person is not always meant by happy life as many think. Psychologists open several negative sides of life of gilded youth.

  1. In most cases the children born in rich families are lonely and do not know that such parental heat. They are brought up by nurses and teachers on different courses and circles. They got used to receive money, but not a praise and love of parents.
  2. Mazhora constantly give in to criticism and condemnation from surrounding people.
  3. Better to understand who such major, it is important to notice that the gilded youth has no opportunity to choose to themselves friends as they are obliged to rotate only in a circle such as they.
  4. Life of the "golden" child completely depends on parents and if they at some point cease to give money or will go bankrupt, then will be left with nothing.
  5. Children of rich parents have no motivation and plans for the future. Receiving money since the childhood, they already know that they will have everything therefore why to do something.
  6. The gilded youth has an empty life as all of them receive for money.

How do mazhor have a rest?

Life of children of rich parents – continuous rest, they do not work and do not study, just buying the desired diploma. For receiving pleasure the mazhor choose only luxury places: expensive clubs, restaurants and other institutions. Going on the vacation, they choose the most expensive tours to minimize contact with ordinary people. The most expensive resorts: Bora Bora, Murea and Bahamas. The behavior of mazhor always stands out from the crowd, and they squander money and consider themselves is higher than others. They often quarrel with service staff.

How to become similar on a major?

If the person has no rich parents, then he cannot count on a rank of "major", but at the same time everyone has a chance to get closer to rich youth and even to become the participant of their company. For this purpose it is necessary to grow rich, make it it is possible in different ways: strongly working, having come into a prize in a lottery, an unexpected fortune, a gift and others. Knowing that the major means and, having money, it will be necessary only to work over the image and life to bring closer it to the desirable purpose.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team