Who such Templars?

Who such Templars?

In 1119 in the Holy Land the spiritual and knightly Award which was called the Award of poor knights of Christ was based. They were really very poor and had only one horse for two, but further with development of the activity even had in debtors of kings and governors of the different countries. It is about Templars and who are they such, it will be told in this article.

Briefly about knightly Order of knights templars

Initially its purpose was to protect the pilgrims going to the Holy Land, and further, allocated with the broad church and legal privileges given it by the Pope, the Award protected the states created by crusaders in the east. When the last were expelled from Palestine, Templars were engaged in trade and usury. The father and many kings of the European states appeared in debtors at knights therefore Award number during repressions, executions and tortures significantly decreased and eventually the father Kliment the fifth abolished it.

Symbol of Order of knights templars

Symbol of Order of knights templars is the Lotharingian cross. There is an opinion that it was executed from fragments of a cross on which crucified Jesus Christ. Two cross crossbeams carry the name of "golden mean" and symbolize double protection: spiritual and physical. They wore clothes purely white or purely black color, and here the raincoat was only white with the image of a red cross. A unique symbol of the Award of the temple are two knights on a horse. That is the infantry sits on horses of a cavalry that allocated troops with speed, dexterity and efficiency. In March 22 numbers of 1312 the Award stopped the existence.

Mysteries of Order of knights templars

History of the Award of hramovnik is filled with a huge number of riddles which formed the basis of such mystifications as "Da Vinci Code" and "the Iron Knight". Here three most known secrets of Templars:

  1. And the fate of treasures of Templars is unknown. They were not found that generated a set of legends, beginning from financing of Masonic organizations by knights before construction on these means of the New World. On one of legends silver mines which accustomed on the American continent were the main source of richness of the Award.
  2. Templars knew where there is a Holy Grail and used those benefits which it brings.
  3. Templars possessed a legendary relic – the Ark of the Covenant. They took out it from Solomon's temple together with tables with 10 precepts, a god-send and Aaron's staff.

Big controversy is caused today also by a religious component of the Award. In the materials which reached our days there is information that knights "renounce Christ", "spit on a crucifixion" and admit belonging to devilish cults. It did not become clear to whom Templars paid respects as according to one of versions, it was Christian Saint Euphemia the All-praised's head, and on other two-faced Janus. During arrests and persecutions they were accused that they worshipped there is nobody a cat who was him at meetings, and to other idols as representatives of God and Christ Redeemer. Considering that representatives of Sacred inquisition subjected members of the Award to terrible tortures, it is impossible to trust all these versions.

Templars today

In the 18th century the Award had a great number of the declared followers. There was information that the Award never and stopped the existence, just worked far outside France. At the end of the 19th century the Austrian and German mystics thought up the Award of East temple which doctrine consisted of mix of Satanism, hermetic exercises and magic. Today in means of media information on the next descendant of great Templars will sometimes emerge and the word occurs in the name of various organizations. So, the Kind Templars organization which promote a healthy lifestyle, refusal of drugs and alcohol works presently.


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