Who the first reached the South Pole

Who the first reached the South Pole? For the first time in this point of the globe of people visited the beginning of the 20th century. With this important event, in addition, unfortunately, one of the most tragic cases in the history of geographical discoveries of that time is connected. For a rank of the first person who visited the South Pole two famous researchers travelers argued.

The South Pole is a point through which there passes the imagined axis of rotation of our planet. There is it not in the middle of Antarctica, and is closer to its Pacific coast. The South Pole was open on December 11, 1911 (on some sources — on December 14).

Who the first reached the South Pole?

Two travelers — Norwegian Raul Amundsen and Englishman Robert Scott set for themselves as the purpose to visit this severe place of the globe at the beginning of the last century at once. Both researchers carried out the most thorough training to a campaign. Robert Scott decided to use the motor sleigh and a pony as draft power. R. Amundsen relied on dogsleds. Both researchers were trained for a campaign, it is over, most carefully. So who the first reached the South Pole?

Robert Scott's expedition progressed to the purpose slowly, overcoming great difficulties. The researcher's ponies, unfortunately, did not take out loadings of a difficult way and they had to be lulled. The motor sleigh could not overcome ice hummocks.

At Amundsen affairs went much better. Thanks to hardy northern dogs, he reached to the most young point of the globe quicker than Scott. Amundsen is also considered the first person who reached the South Pole. Robert Scott's expedition reached here only on January 17, 1912.


Of course, the moral shock negatively affected on the way back the English group. At first the youngest participant of an expedition of R. Scott — E. Evans died. Then on own initiative abandoned companions not to become a burden, L. Ots who freezed legs.

The remained members of an expedition, including Scott, also did not return on base. In way they were found by a blizzard. Bodies of members of the group were found later in 18 km from the camp. The destiny them became known only from the diary of R. Scott who died the last.

Memory of researchers

Well, now our reader knows who the first reached the South Pole. The winner — ambitious Amundsen — of course, was very upset with the tragedy which happened in ices of Antarctica. Subsequently he said to journalists more than once that without thinking would offer the glory of the pioneer only to return Scott and his people to life.

Here it here also saddened in the way by the tragedy one of the most important geographical discoveries of the last century. However the pole remembers both heroes researchers. Their names were connected in the name of the big scientific station Amundsen-Scott working and until now in the most southern point of Earth forever. 

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